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Meet one of Chicago’s Black Gun Sheroes Rhonda Ezell

Courtesy of Chicago Guns Matter

Rhonda Ezell made history in the United States of America as the lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against the city of Chicago to bring gun ranges to the city of Chicago for law abiding citizens. A ruling in her favor was issued by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals on July 6, 2011, overturning a lower court decision.

Rhonda is a life-long resident of Chicago’s south side, and has long been concerned with personal safety and family responsibility. Now she fights for your rights as a 2nd Amendment advocate. Rhonda Ezell is a celebrity in the gun rights movement as well as the firearm industry.  This freedom fighter is a life member of both the NRA and ISRA.

She met ISRA leadership along with the McDonald plaintiffs by coincidence, showing up at a Chicago Police Department facility on the first day that Chicago was accepting applications for its now defunct Chicago Firearms Permit. Discussion about difficulty meeting Chicago’s training requirements led to the Ezell v Chicago lawsuit.

Rhonda received the Defender of Liberty Award from the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) in 2011, and has been a featured guest at several of SAF’s Gun Rights Policy Conferences held annually.

Ms. Ezell won a 2nd decision against the city of Chicago in 2014.

On January 18, 2017 Rhonda Ezell got another victory against the city of Chicago, in the landmark case Ezell II, the Seventh Circuit of Appeals ruled that the city of Chicago’s ban on gun ranges were unconstitutional, also striking down the age restriction of a minor.

March 15. 2017 the final judgement was entered by judge Virginia M. Kendall in the Ezell II case, opening the door for gun ranges to be built in the city of Chicago.

Thanks to the generosity of funding provided by The Field Foundation of Illinois, Inc. in producing this article.

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