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Mayor’s Office for Community Safety and Chicago Department of Public Health Launch ‘A Safe Chicago For All’ Initiative

The City of Chicago Mayor’s Office for Community Safety in partnership with the Chicago Department of Public Health has launched A Safe Chicago for All, a new expansive action hub designed to empower all Chicagoans with tools and resources to take action and increase community safety. The initiative is aligned with Mayor Johnson’s People’s Plan for Community Safety, which harnesses the full force of government to convene community organizations, businesses, philanthropy, and more to build a stronger, safer Chicago.

“Our work is based on the belief that a holistic approach to community safety which, rooted in collaboration across all sectors, is essential to eradicating centuries of racism and purposeful disinvestment and violence, so that together we can forge a path toward a safer, more equitable Chicago,” said Garien Gatewood, Deputy Mayor for Community Safety.

Timed to the start of Gun Violence Awareness Month in June, the initiative introduces resources and opportunities, aiming to inspire every resident of Chicago to take an active role in community safety efforts. A Safe Chicago for All focuses on raising awareness about the root causes of violence and how equity is being integrated into the city’s community safety efforts. It highlights innovative and evidence-based solutions, as well as the current efforts and investments made to increase safety.

“The launch of this initiative complements existing efforts to build a safer, healthier city for everyone,” said Olusimbo ‘Simbo’ Ige, MD, MPH, Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health. “There is an 11.4-year gap between Black and white Chicagoans, and gun-related homicide is the second largest contributor to this racial life expectancy gap. This is a call to action for all Chicagoans, regardless of your zip code, to play a role in community safety.”

The A Safe Chicago for All digital action hub provides residents with community safety resources to improve safety in their community, including information about victim services and street outreach programs funded by CDPH to support individuals at the highest risk of becoming victims or perpetrators. It offers a variety of resources for community leaders and Chicago residents who want to learn more about promising community safety solutions and ways to advance health and racial equity. The hub features:

  • Community resource guides for various neighborhoods
  • An Introductory Guide to City Services for those who want to learn how to access city resources and take an active role in their community
  • Suicide prevention trainings, mental health skills-building, harm reduction training, and more.

A Safe Chicago for All was developed in partnership with community-based organizations working in the violence prevention space, who have advocated for a unified platform to support community members and help them carry out initiatives successfully at the local level. It aims to rally young people, community organizations, and residents to work in concert, achieve cultural and behavioral change, support those exposed to chronic stress and violence, and address systemic issues such as disinvestment, generational trauma, and lack of opportunity.

“A Safe Chicago for All is a city-wide initiative calling on partners and community-based organizations to work together for a safer, more peaceful Chicago,” said Claudia Rangel, Violence Prevention Networks Manager, Enlace. “We are inspired by individuals who are loving, passionate, empathetic, and dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in La Villita by prioritizing safety as one of our core pillars. La Villita is an essential part of the vibrancy of the City of Chicago. When safety is ensured for all, we can truly appreciate what our city represents. Our efforts are driven by the voices of our partners, community members, and staff, who are committed to building a peaceful Chicago starting with La Villita.”

”I’ve been championing the concept of behavior change and the significance of culture wellness since the CSCC first got started,” said Tewodros Josef (TJ) Crawford, Founder, Institute for Culture Wellness, and Managing Executive Director, South Shore Works Planning and Preservation Coalition. “We spent countless hours laying the foundation and clarifying the concepts that A Safe Chicago for All is built on. I’m happy to see this initiative finally come into fruition, and even more excited about its impact and how we engage policymakers, business leaders, and the city at large to take a more active role in community safety.”

“This initiative is exactly what the community truly needs,” said Gregory D. Matthews, Community Engagement Manager at the Garfield Park Rite to Wellness Collaborative and the Community Safety Coordination Center. “This plan is exactly what the community truly needs. We don’t need anyone coming from outside our community to help us. All that is truly needed is support for neighborhoods that have never seen it. With Safe Chicago for All we want to change the narrative around violence on the West Side and bring attention to the transformative work that is taking place.”

Throughout the summer, the City of Chicago plans to actively connect youth and adults to resources and opportunities within their neighborhoods, as well as engage key stakeholders and institutions, including businesses, philanthropic organizations, and policymakers, to increase collaboration across sectors.

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