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Matteson School District 159 To Honor 3rd Grade Girl Who Saved Her Mom From A Life Threatening Medical Issue Via 911 Call

London Walker Was Awakened By Her Mom’s Cries For Help And Immediately Engaged In Instructions From Dispatcher

London’s Previous Knowledge Of Her Mom’s Long Standing Medical Condition Led To Her Quick Reaction

Dr. Maple Alfred-Superintendent of Matteson School District 159 will be joined by students, teachers, administrators, Matteson Police and Matteson 911 Dispatchers in honoring an eight year old girl who is being credited with saving her mom’s life at home.

On September 25th, at 6:30 PM, 8 year old London Walker was awakened by the frantic screams of her distressed mother. London immediately ran to her mother’s bedroom and noticed her mom nearly out of breath with no ability to move any limb on her body. London immediately called her grandparents and told them that she was dialing 911 and that they should quickly come to the house. London hung up the phone and quickly dialed 911. In a shockingly calm voice London described her mother’s condition and answered every question from the dispatcher. London was able to give her mom’s age, described her current physical appearance and addressed other medical based questions concerning her mother’s condition.

London was also able to keep her 5 year old brother calm during the incident. She assured her mother that she was going to make it because the ambulance was on the way. London remained calm while on the phone with the dispatcher as she held her mother’s hand. Upon the ambulance’s arrival London looked through a window to ensure that the paramedics were there and then opened the door. She never appeared frantic as she led the emergency responders to her mother’s bedroom.

London’s mother, Bettye Johnson, has a long history of respiratory and abdominal challenges in which she was diagnosed over ten years ago. Upon her arrival at the hospital, emergency room doctors informed Ms. Johnson that if it were not for the quick but cool response from London, her condition would have been fatal.

The dispatcher, Amy Rank, was so impressed by the 911 call she received from London, that she took the time to write to her immediate supervisor the following note:

“I wanted to let you know about a Fire Call I had this morning at 5521 Georgetown (in Matteson). The caller advised that her mother needed to go to the hospital. She was in bed unable to walk and her stomach hurt. The caller did such a great job, I was so impressed! She knew her address, phone number and she was able to get all the info we needed. She had already opened the door for the Fire Department before she called. Her name is London Walker and she attends Sieden Prairie School in Matteson.” (Fire Call 19MS03107)

“The intelligence and calmness in which London displayed during this experience was second to none. All of us at Matteson School District 159 are extremely proud of her. But moreover, I’m personally honored to have London as a student within our district. She truly exemplifies our mission of educating, empowering and inspiring the whole-child.” says Superintendent Alfred.

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