Marielle Franco, a fearless Black Brazilian politician and anti-police violence activist, assassinated in Rio

Photo credit @marielle_franco Instagram

By Britni Danielle,

Black Brazilians have lost one of their biggest champions as beloved activist and politician, Marielle Franco, was assassinated Wednesday night after speaking at a Black women’s empowerment event.

A self-described “child from the favela da Maré,” one of Rio’s most impoverished areas, 38-year-old Franco received over 46,000 votes—an impressive feat for a Black woman running for office—to become a councilwoman in 2016 as a member of the Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL). She also served as the President of the House Committee on Women, where she worked to end violence against women and was a vocal opponent of police brutality against Black Brazilians.


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  1. A Rússia está chorando com você. Nós sabemos o que o terror da polícia está no Brasil.т
    Na Rússia, estamos prontos para pegar a bandeira da luta contra o terror policial que caiu das mãos de Marielle Franco.
    Se você conhece os crimes da polícia, mas tem medo de contar sobre isso – escreva mensagens pessoais para nossas comunidades e nós diremos sobre isso em

    nosso próprio nome.
    Endereços da comunidade para os seus relatórios de crimes policiais:
    Para postagens anônimas:


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