Man Sentenced for killing CPD Officer in 2010

OFFICER DAVID BLAKE (left) was murdered by the brother of his girlfriend Bernard Williams back in November of 2010. Williams was sentenced to 76 years in prison by a Cook County judge this week. 

By Patrice Nkrumah, Chicago Crusader

A Cook County judge Wednesday evening sentenced a Chicago man to 76 years in prison for the murder of a Chicago Police officer in 2010. Bernard Williams was only 18 when he plotted to rob and kill CPD S.W.A.T. member David Blake, who was dating Williams’ sister at the time. Williams was convicted last year on murder and armed robbery charges. He has maintained his innocence from the start.

“I’m sorry for your all’s loss, but I did not commit this crime,” Williams told a gallery of Blake’s friends, family and colleagues whom had gathered for his sentencing hearing on Feb. 14th.

The case shook the city as Williams lured Blake to an isolated area at 2900 W. Seip under the guise he needed a ride home. Blake had taken the young man and some of his friends under his wing and was attempting to mentor him. Blake was an avid gun collector and prosecutors say Williams killed Blake because he wanted to steal the guns and sell them on the street. Blake, 45, was preceded in death by his parents and was an only child.

“Officer Blake was a kind-hearted, compassionate and committed police officer senselessly and tragically murdered while off-duty,” read a statement from the Fraternal Order of Police.

Williams’ lawyer said he is planning on filing an appeal. Williams’ sister testified during the trial for the prosecution. Once on the stand however she repeatedly said she knew nothing.

Williams is an admitted gang member, according to police. He shot Blake six times in the head after luring him to the area on the city’s Southwest Side known as “dead man’s alley.” Prosecutors say after shooting Blake and leaving him for dead, Williams then stole the keys to his condominium. They believe he was planning on going to the officer’s home and stealing the guns. However when police responded to a 911 call and discovered Blake’s body, they immediately radioed for other officers to secure Blake’s home before anyone could get there.

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