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Recently, the Chicago Crusader released a story about eight “silent” Black Chicago aldermen who received money from Mayor Rahm Emanuel prior to his election to a second term. They also tended to vote with him a majority of the time after receiving funds. This was before the release of the videotape showing the 16 shots heard around the world that resulted in LaQuan McDonald’s death.

Ultimately, Officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery. Previous to the trial and verdict, the “silent 8” voted to give LaQuan McDonald’s family a $5 million settlement, though once they found out about the videotape, the silence continued.

Observers are saying that there would never have been a trial AND conviction had not certain African American community activists insisted that the videotape of the incident be released. What keeps surfacing, however, is that Rahm Emanuel kept the tapes secret. It has been viewed as a political decision, and the politicians under his influence are being seen by some as co-conspirators.

On a national level, there were those who allowed their political ambitions to blind themselves to reality during Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Senator Susan Collins had the deciding confirmation vote. She could have sent him back where he came from based on his murky past of alleged extreme alcoholism and tendency to lie under oath. But instead, after a period of seeming indecision, she decided to give Kavanaugh her vote. She and the other politicians who voted for Kavanaugh certainly had suspended judgement fueled by either opportunism or something much worse.

Since when would a person be hired for a new, important, life-time job with only 7% of their background information released? Moreover, Judge Kavanaugh revealed a temperament that is decidedly “un-judge-like” and showed extreme partisan behavior during a hearing about Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford’s allegations of sexual misconduct on his part.

Let’s face it; Kavanaugh’s confirmation had nothing to do with qualifications, temperament, or anything else that would prove him suitable for that high calling — it was a strategic move to push the Supreme Court to the far right and to ensure that President Trump has an ally on the court that could help him avoid consequences for some of his actions.

Those senators who voted for Kavanaugh in spite of a very searing and credible testimony from Dr. Ford were disingenuous. When a more thorough background investigation regarding the allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh was requested by Senator Flake, a very brief FBI investigation ensued. Key witnesses, including Dr. Ford, were not even questioned.

It is apparent, therefore, that those Senators who voted to seat Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court were not listening to reason, to good, or to anything else related to decency or concern for the American people. They were listening to a demonic, self-serving muse.

And what, we may ask, is the connection between the Chicago “silent 8” and Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation?

Some think they were bought and paid for by the current mayor to such an extent that they would turn a blind eye to an apparent cover-up. If the allegations turn out to be true, they are caught up in serving a sinister master, one not so much on the temporal plane, but one rooted in self-serving materialism.

Fortunately, regarding both situations, there is an immediate remedy regarding self-serving politicians who need to be taught a lesson. It is called the “ballot.”

Brett Kavanaugh will serve on the court for life until he decides to retire and can do a lot of damage before he leaves. But starting with the upcoming midterm elections, if citizens vote correctly, it is possible that some of the damage done by a right-leaning Supreme Court can be offset by voting the wrong people out of Congress and the right people in.

The same can be done in Chicago. The vote can help change the tide of current events.

A Luta Continua.

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