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Love Jones Entertainment presents Love/Jones 60th Birthday Bash

Lernie Jones, and Victor Love, co-owners of Love Jones Solutions, are hosting a 60th birthday bash at the DuSable Museum of African American History, 740 E. 56th Pl., Saturday, June 15th, from 4 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

The Juneteenth/Father’s Day event is not just to celebrate their 60th birthdays, but to provide funds to several groups that mentor and provide non-violence services to the community and to honor outstanding dads.

In recognition of Juneteenth, Love Jones Entertainment LLC is announcing the inaugural Love Jones Event featuring the legendary hip-hop artist RAKIM and featuring “All Brands Black.”

The first annual We Day Concert & Music event aims to celebrate Black excellence in music, culture, and entrepreneurship offering a unique blend of entertainment and empowerment.

The program will highlight the significant contributions of Black-owned businesses, recognizing their essential role in shaping consumer trends and driving cultural influence. To honor this, a dedicated space within the event has been created to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of Black-owned brands in the beer, wine, champagne, and spirits industry.  

“We want to make an impact and a difference in the community by selecting several organizations including one recipient from Gary, Indiana, and another nominee, Brian Stepter, from Phoenix, AZ., who once owned several hair salons, but he got caught up on drugs and lost everything.

After being released from prison in just eight months, he now has a not-for-profit organization and is helping to reduce violence in the community,” said Love who is also owner of Josephine’s Cooking Restaurant.

“We are looking to honor the unsung heroes on the ground few people know but who are using their own money to stem violence in the community,” said Love.

“We are also honoring African American fathers. Often times Black fathers don’t get the credit for being the stand-up dads that they are. All too often, they are portrayed as being absent from the homes or they have abandoned their children and family.

“This 60th birthday bash, and my podcast, entitled, ‘Let’s Go for a Ride With Victor Love,’ which will break that stereotype and exploring conversations about Black men and their awareness of mental health,” said Love.

Jones, who is also President, CEO of the J&J Construction Remodeling, LLC, and Love are boyhood friends who are celebrating their 60th birthday not just together but for great social justice causes—to highlight mental illness among African Americans, and honoring Black fathers, who all too often are forgotten on Father’s Day, by raising funds to support their anti-violence programs.

Jones and Love understand and embrace the need to educate Black men in particular about the importance of mental health and how it can heal families. “We are recognizing the unsung fathers who are working to end violence and to promote mental health in the community,” said Jones.

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