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Lottery retailers also lottery winners

Mega Millions Sales A Boost To Lottery Retailers

The recent $1.337 Mega Millions jackpot roll was also a big win for Illinois Lottery retailers across the State.

Illinois Lottery retailers across the State were inundated by players picking up a ticket to win the third largest U.S. jackpot ever – increasing foot traffic and sales.

At the busiest point on draw day, Friday July 29, Illinois Lottery retailers were processing 79 Mega Millions tickets a second.

“Our retail network remains the backbone of the Illinois Lottery’s success. Every retailer plays a vital role in serving our players, particularly during a large jackpot roll,” said Illinois Lottery Director, Harold Mays.

Retailers receive a 5% commission on every lottery ticket sold in-store and a bonus for selling winning tickets of 1% of the prize amount. The winning ticket bonus is capped at a total of $500,000.

During the Mega Millions jackpot run from mid-April to the end of July, Illinois Lottery retailers generated an estimated $3.75 million in retail commission and bonuses.

This included bonuses of $10,000 each to SRB Food Mart in Berkely, JM Food Shop in Huntley, and BP Zion for selling tickets that won $1 million during the jackpot roll.

While it is not yet known who the winner is, Speedway is delighted that it was one of their customers in Des Plaines that won this historic Mega Millions jackpot.

“Nothing makes us happier than bringing a little joy to our customers’ lives – or in this case, a whole lot of joy! We’re thrilled to play a part in this customer’s winning journey and hope many others in the community can experience the same luck from this special store,” said Michael Browning, Regional Director for Speedway.

As well as the selling bonus, Speedway Des Plaines is benefitting from the publicity and increased foot traffic that comes from selling a winning ticket of this magnitude.

The Illinois Lottery is proud to support over 7,000 retailers across the State.

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