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Local Roofer Donates a New Roof to Habitat for Humanity of NW Indiana

Sometimes, help comes when you least expect it. Habitat for Humanity of NW Indiana reached out to M&M Home Re­modeling Services to install a roof on a new home being built in the “Field of Dreams” neighborhood in Gary. Working against dead­lines and desperate to “dry in” the home before winter delivers snow and ice, M&M Home Remodel­ing Services came to Habitat for Humanity’s rescue, in more than one way.

“Build schedules can be a mov­ing target at Habitat.,” said Dawn Michaels, Habitat for Humanity of NW Indiana Executive Direc­tor. “We have six homes currently in varying stages of the build pro­cess. We’ve been blessed to have volunteers come out consistent­ly, but because we limit the num­ber of people on a build, things have been progressing slowly this year. Weather, volunteer availabil­ity and funding can all impact our progress. So, the timing on this home had us stressed more than usual, plus we didn’t want to send volunteers on the roof during the winter. We were glad that M&M Home Remodeling Services was able to work us into their sched­ule. But when our Construction Manager, Mark Boroughs not on­ly told me the roof was complete and that M&M Home Remodel­ing Services representative, Trace Teske told him “no charge”, I was ecstatic! This not only means our partner family will be in their home on time, we’ll be able to devote resources to the next home. We can’t thank M&M Home Re­modeling Services enough!”

“As community members pur­posed with making a difference, we felt a partnership with Hab­itat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana was vital to serving people in need,” said Nick Yadron, Pres­ident & CEO of M&M Home Remodeling Services.

Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana serves strug­gling, working families earning between 30 to 80% of the aver­age income of Lake County, In­diana. It’s through strategic part­nerships with local contractors, like M&M Home Remodeling Services, that Habitat is able to make the dream of homeowner­ship a reality.

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