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Local college professor launches comedy series on cable

Inspiring and funny TV series produced by Alvin M. Daniels and Halsted Studios streaming on Amazon

“Preacher’s Kids: The Untold Stories” is an inspiring, funny and historical look at one of our nation’s longest-standing life-affirming institutions – the church – from the view of the Preacher’s Kid (PK). This docu-comedy series is based on more than 800 interviews compiled over 12 years with PKs representing every nationality and denomination.  Through their authentic reflections and dramatic re-interpretations of their experiences, viewers get an inside perspective of church life.

“What they will see is an interview with an actual PK and then a moment in his/her life illustrated in a skit,” says Alvin Daniels, producer and director of the series. “Like when the PK seeks advice from their parent on a sensitive confidential matter, only to hear their anonymous source story embellished with a faith lesson during the Sunday sermon.”

Daniels is an award-winning television producer, academic and founder of Halsted Street Studios. He is currently a full-time broadcast and communications facility member at Chicago State University and an adjunct professor at National Lewis University.

The series offers comedic insight into the life and times of PKs that both churched and unchurched viewers will find entertaining. Some of the characters include Deacon Pray Too Long, the deacon that prays so long on Sunday, you think he hasn’t talked to God all week. Sis. Tell It All, the sister that will tell all your business but you haven’t heard it from her. Sis. Off-Keys, the sister that sings in a key only Jesus understands.

PKs interviewed to date include Pastor David Winston, son of Pastor Bill Winston of the Living Word Christian Center (Forest Park, IL); Apostle Mark Henton, son of the late Apostle Richard D. Henton of the Monument of Faith Church (Chicago, IL); Ms. Freda Sampson, daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Fredrick Sampson of the Tabernacle Baptist Church (Detroit, MI).

Daniels, himself a third-generation PK, seeded the series from his own life experience growing up in Victory Cathedral Faith Church under the leadership of his mother, the Reverend Dr. Princella Brady Lee. Serving as music director, pianist and fill-in minister, his life provided a vast reservoir for sermon subject matter. The series pays homage to his grandfather, the late Reverend Dr. H.B. Brady, whose transition brought out the best and the worst of the human response that Daniels artfully reconciles through the series.

The 30-minute first episode is great entertainment for the entire family and is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Subscribers can access the series by entering “Preacher’s Kids: The Untold Stories” or enter the title at “amazon dot com” and rent the premiere episode for $2.00. Daniels welcomes viewer reviews and is offering a free PK t-shirt, through April 30, to those who post a review on his website at

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