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It is becoming very obvious that a lot of people do not believe in a higher power. The challenge? Once you take away the religious factor, some people feel that it gives them free reign to do whatever they desire. There are no limits for them. An example of those who profess to believe in a spiritual foundation is what happened in the Senate recently when they voted for the most ridiculous tax cut bill that could not have been conceived in any other place but hell.

Seemingly intelligent, allegedly “Christian” legislators voted for one of the most backward bills possible. It literally takes from the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder and transfers wealth to the top 1%! Most likely these legislators can produce a logical excuse for why they voted for such a terrible bill. If it becomes law, it would hasten the demise of the increasingly shaky American Republic. But they don’t seem to really care. Apparently they feel as though there will be no negative consequences. Apparently materialism and greed is far more persuasive than thoughts about social well-being.

On another note, the Black community exhibits a type of collective illogical behavior motivated by the extreme oppression that has been impacting the community for centuries. Because of this, people find themselves in the position of protecting those Blacks who have not demonstrated a love for the Black community if those same Blacks become the target of whites. One example of this is the O.J. Simpson situation. O.J. seemingly had little love for Black women since he is known for his relationships with white women. Even so, most Black people really supported O.J., in the face of circumstantial evidence that seemed to point to a guilty verdict. In hindsight, it would not make a difference whether he was the murderer of his wife and her friend or not; he would be given unconditional support because of his race.

Another example of the failure of rational thinking demonstrated by white Americans is the insistence of some to completely ignore the deleterious impact that slavery had on Black people. They want to sweep it under the rug, and are sure that there were no long-standing consequences of years of maltreatment. In the meantime, imperialist Americans have gone around the world de-stabilizing and destroying indigenous communities. The whole notion, for example, of wanting to block immigrants from coming into America is ludicrous when you look at how American colonists basically destroyed the Native American population. Even today, when looking at the situation surrounding the Dakota Pipeline, many white Americans conveniently ignore the fact that they are, once again, trodding on the rights of Native Americans. What do those who oppose immigration say about this behavior? Nada. They illogically overlook the extreme cruelty that their own countrymen are demonstrating toward their fellow Native American countrymen!

Furthermore, a certain aspect of illogicalness and unreasonableness is seen in the relationship of Blacks and whites worldwide. The truth of the matter is that everywhere Black people and white people interact, Blacks come out on the bottom. This is even true in countries ruled by Black people! You’d think that by now, we’d realize that we must be doing something wrong; there is something about our BEHAVIOR which has us perpetually in the underdog position.

The common denominator in all of these scenarios is EMOTION: the more emotional a person is the less logical they are able to behave. President Donald Trump has even said that he could shoot someone and people would not hold him accountable.

The sum total of these situations is that we have yet to really reach the Age of Reason. We are living in illogical and scary times. At some point the Black community must become the adult in the global room by demonstrating reasonable behavior. In this regard we can, at least, ensure the best outcomes for our own communities and perhaps become the calm eye in the middle of the storm. A Luta Continua.

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