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Letter to the Community

Hello, I am Reverend Dwight E. Pointer, Pastor of Greater St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church right here in the City of Gary, Indiana. As a spiritual ambassador in this community, I seek to provide this community a message of inspiration, hope, and encouragement as we all collectively reshape our lives while advocating for social justice to all mankind.

Our lives have changed dramatically during the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we strive to regain a sense of normalcy, I realize that fear still lingers in our minds, but the Holy Word reminds us that there is hope for God’s chosen people.

Black Lives Do Matter, but we cannot destroy the gains made in the struggle.

We may be overwhelmed with the urgency to push for the equality for all mankind, but I remind you that God has not forsaken us, and we shall reap as a people if we faint not.

No matter how personal and devastating the matter may seem to be, I believe that we can rebound as a nation and as a generation of people, if we continue to trust, believe, and have faith in the promises God has assured each of us.

I encourage each to pray for our community and nation, promote peace, commit to being responsible citizens, and collectively pursue to overcome our challenges.

May you be Abundantly Blessed

Rev. Dwight E. Pointer, Pastor

Greater Saint Stephen Missionary Baptist Church

2480 Broadway

Gary, Indiana 46408

“Evangelizing the Lost While Edifying and Equipping Believers Until Christ Jesus Comes.”

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