Let’s Focus on the Future

William G. Godwin

By Councilman William Godwin

As Acting President of the Gary Common Council and 1st District Councilman, it’s an honor to represent Gary residents and their best interests. Our community is rich in history, culture, and a place that continues to play a critical role in the future of Northwest Indiana and the State of Indiana. While council members represent diverse districts across the city, we all agree on one major issue – our children deserve a quality education that is comparable to neighboring communities.

Recently, the Council passed a resolution in SUPPORT of the November 3rd Referendum proposed by the Gary Community School Corporation because it’s the best path forward for the future of our public schools and the children who attend them.

Gary Schools have a proud history and an accomplished group of alumni, who’ve not only made a difference in our community but across the nation. They got their start right here in Gary and can easily boast about their educational foundation. Here’s the question before us: “Will the children of this generation in Gary’s public schools be able to say the same thing?” Not if we as a community don’t act now!

Your “Yes” vote for the Gary Schools referendum now or before November 3rd will be a true investment in our children. They deserve the same opportunities as other schoolchildren here in Lake County, where many cities have already passed a school referendum. Like other kids in the region, our kids deserve outstanding facilities in which to learn; outstanding teachers in the classroom; access to new teaching technology, and a commitment to equality and equity in education.

Your “Yes” vote will also mean that we will finally take an active role in regaining control of our Gary Schools and not be under the management of State officials who are hours away in Indianapolis. These are OUR schools, and it only makes sense that local leaders’ and the community’s input chart the course for Gary’s future.

Passage of this referendum can change the trajectory of our entire city. Better-funded schools mean more investments in housing by residents who want to raise their children in our community. Ultimately, this translates into increased property values for homeowners.

This is our time. This is our chance, and this is our future. We owe it to our children and to the thousands of alumni who are proud graduates of the Gary schools.

We fully recognize that making this investment in our future is significant, but those investments are much less than the impacts of not having outstanding schools. Education has broken down the barriers for so many. Now, we owe it to this generation and future generations to make sure that they have an equal opportunity for success!

So, I ask for your support. Our students face challenges in and out of the classroom. Your “Yes” vote will help level the field so that Gary’s youth will have a brighter future. Please vote YES on or before November 3rd. Aren’t our children worth it?

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  1. These better funded schools result in more state takeovers or closures and property value decline, with schools rotting and whatever is in them stolen.


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