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Lay Low Ryderz Showing Love in the Neighborhood

Lay Low Ryderz

Lay Low Ryderz, a motorcycle club and family organization founded in Gary, IN, contributed to those less fortunate at the Mosley Motel by donating clothes to the residents. The members of Lay Low Ryderz spent hours passing McDonald’s cheeseburgers to the hungry men, women, and children at the motel while helping them find slightly used clothes to fit their needs. One resident, Clyde Haynes, was so thankful that he donated to the Lay Low Ryderz organization. The residents at the motel were satisfied and filled with joy while sorting through four tables, multiple bins, and boxes filled and sorted with clothes of different sizes: from infant to larger adults,

Lay Low Ryderz believes in the core values of live, love, and respect. The organization was established in 2020 by three women: First Lady, Boss Lady; Founder, Squeek Dolla; and Cofounder, Mz. Tee. The organization also thrives to positively contribute to the community, especially by blessing the less fortunate and children. They have three chapters: the Mother chapter. Gary, IN; Layfayette, IN; and Indianapolis, IN. The organization currently has four club branches: motorcycle (MC), car (CC), four-wheelers and dirt bikes (4’s and DBs), and social (SC). Lay Low Ryderz looks forward to doing more events for the community during the upcoming holiday season with the help of other local organizations and businesses.

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