Lawyers request information regarding Trump’s health

President Donald Trump

Questions arise surrounding Trump’s rushed visit to Walter Reed Hospital in 2019

Crusader Staff Report

The Metro Courier, Crusader and other Black newspapers have joined a Freedom of Information Act request regarding information into President Trump’s trip to Walter Reed Hospital in November of 2019.

The request asks for copies of all medical records and other documents in their possession or control which either mention, concern and or relate to the examination, lab results and treatment of the president. The request was submitted September 17, beginning the allotted time for a response from the medical center.Questions regarding the visit arose following President Trump’s media appearances where he appeared to be bragging about passing a mental status exam which was reportedly administered to him at Walter Reed Hospital. Medical professionals have linked the test, known as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, to previous head trauma such as a fall, car wreck or a stroke.

A memorandum from the Physician to the President Dr. Sean Conley stated that the trip was only kept off the record due to “scheduling uncertainties” and attempted to offer reassurance by stating that “the President has not had any chest pain, nor was he evaluated or treated for any urgent or acute issues.”

Prior to the visit an anonymous book was published that offered an insight into Trump’s mental fitness.

“I am not qualified to diagnose the president’s mental acuity,” the anonymous author wrote. “All I can tell you is that normal people who spend any time with Donald Trump are uncomfortable by what they witness. He stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated, and has trouble synthesizing information, not occasionally but with regularity.”

A statement released by the law offices of Bell & Brigham argues that the information is in the public interest due to the potential for a repeat occurrence after a potential stroke is suffered.

Often the first strokes suffered are minor ones called transient ischemic attacks (TIA), from which recovery may or may not be rapid with no apparent resulting impairment,” the statement reads. “But these strokes are often followed by more serious strokes.”

Trump, for his part, has denied the claims and attempted to push the allegation on to former Vice President Joe Biden.

“It never ends! Now they are trying to say that your favorite President, me, went to Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a series of mini strokes.

Never happened to THIS candidate – FAKE NEWS,” Trump tweeted in early September. “Perhaps they are referring to another candidate from another Party!”

A response to a FOIA is generally required within 20 business days, which passed on Monday, October 19, but with a request for medical records it may take longer to respond. Doctors at Walter Reed have recently declined to give Trump’s medical information to the media regarding his COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment and test results.

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