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KKK flyers found in Park Forest, Manteno

By Stacey Baca,

Dozens of racist flyers and leaflets have been discovered in two Chicago suburbs: Park Forest and Manteno.

Residents contacted police are finding at least six flyers on Sunday. ABC7 crews found four flyers littering the streets Thursday, each one in a plastic bag with a few rocks. One was near Pascal Sanders’ home in Park Forest.

“It’s disappointing. It’s 2017. I got kids, this is what they have to deal with? I dealt with it, my parents did, now my kids have to? That’s sad,” Sanders said.

Residents expressed sadness, along with shock and disbelief.

“I would never imagine right here in the neighborhood where I reside. I hope they can get to the bottom of this,” Park Forest resident Mary Ferere said.

“It’s scary. This neighborhood has been pretty quiet. That’s why I’ve been here 30 years,” Park Forest resident Tami Loferski said.

Manteno police said three dozen bags similar to the ones in Park Forest were found in their village during the weekend.

“We wouldn’t be trying to arrest them or cite them for the content of the flyer, but we would certainly probably issue a village ordinance ticket for littering the streets, probably one for every one we found,” Manteno Police Chief Bernie Thompson said.

In Park Forest, officials are sending a message of unity.

“This kind of material does not mesh at all with the character of our town. So it’s kind of a waste for whoever is distributing this in our community,” Park Forest spokesman Jason Miller said.

It’s a community where people of all colors live side by side.

“Black and white, no problem. My neighbor right here, white, it’s black and whites over here. We have no problem,” Sanders said. “This shouldn’t be here. This is in the wrong neighborhood, the wrong city. This is not Park Forest.”

Police officials in both Park Forest and Manteno said whoever is responsible could be fined for littering.

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