Kenwood’s football team dominates Whitney Young High School 48-0 in season opener

Sinque Turner

By Joseph Phillips

The Kenwood Academy Broncos football team improved to 1-0 on the season after a 48-0 blow-out victory over Whitney Young High School in a Saturday night game on August 31 at Gately Stadium.

The Broncos jumped out to a 22-0 lead in the first half, led by thes uperb play of quarterback Kaleb Garner, who threw for 290 passing yards on three touchdowns, and nearly 100 rushing yards for the game.

Garner was impressed with his team’s overall performance.

“Today’s (game) was very important,” said Garner, after leading his team to a 48-0 victory in the game dubbed as ‘the Bougie Bowl,’ named after the two schools’ academic prowess. “We wanted to show the fans what this season is all about (winning).”

After running up the scoreboard in the first half, Garner continued his offensive explosion in the second half. This time he connected on a 30 yard TD pass with junior wide receiver Dante Reynolds, making the score 28-0.

Reynolds, who’ would finish the game with six catches for 153 yards and two touchdowns, was facing strong coverage throughout the night. But thanks to half time adjustments by coach Sinque Turner and the coaching staff, the two were able to break loose on several big plays.

“I’m very proud of those two guys right there,” said Turner

after the victory over the Dolphins, of the chemistry between Garner and Reynolds. “That’s a heck of a combination right there. Those two guys are going to do some special things this season.”

In addition to several scoring drives by the Broncos’ offense, the team’s defense would pitch a shutout against the Dolphins, holding their offense to minimum big plays down the field, zero touchdowns, on five turnovers throughout the game.

And to add insult to injury, the Broncos defense dawned a turnover chain on the sideline, signifying their need to dominate the ball on every possession and giving the Broncos’ fans their first shutout of the season.

The chain the team wore throughout the night was made up of three objects: first, a golden pick for interceptions (which the team earned two on the night, including one by all city cornerback Donald Dillion); second, a bottle of syrup, which was rewarded to offensive linemen who pancaked defenders throughout the game; and third, a hard hat, for all the hustle plays made on the field.

Final score Kenwood 48, Whitney Young 0.

Chicago Crusader Players of The Game:

#10 QB Kaleb Garner, Kenwood, three touchdowns, 290 yards, and 90 rushing yards.

#11 WR Dante’ Reynolds, Kenwood, six catches, two touchdowns, 153 yards.

Kenwood’s Defense, earning a 48-0 shutout to open the season, five turnovers, two interceptions, three fumbles, and several sacks.

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