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Katie Hall Educational Foundation names 2022 essay contest winners

The Katie Hall Educational Foundation has named the elementary and high school winners of its annual Essay Contest.

The Foundation’s Harriet Tubman Essay Contest named in honor of the African-American slave, nurse, and Civil War guide who freed over 300 slaves and whose image will appear on the $20 bill (U.S. currency) in the year 2030, is designed for elementary school-age children.

Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman

The Harriet Tubman Essay Contest premiered in April 2013; it is normally presented during the Katie Hall Public Service Awards Luncheon.

Elementary-age school children in grades 3-5, and junior high-age school children in grades 6-8 are invited to write on a topic selected by the Education Committee of the Katie Hall Educational Foundation.

This year, the topic for the elementary and junior high students was, “Peace in Our World Today.” In light of the current displacement of Ukranian children from their homes and parents as a result of war, students were asked to describe why our world needs love and peace.

In selecting the winners, the Foundation looked for creativity of expression and uniqueness in preparation of submissions. The Foundation received booklets, posters, essays, and greeting cards, to include the use of drawings, pictures, and sketches.

The winner of the 2022 Harriet Tubman Essay Contest for grades 3-5 is Nathaniel Dusik, a 3rd grade student at Edgar L. Miller Elementary School in Merrillville, Indiana. Nathaniel’s teacher is Ms. Margaret Sanchez.

Nathaniel will receive a grand prize and a Certificate of Achievement from the Katie Hall Educational Foundation. His teacher will receive a Certificate of Excellence. Runners-up for the grades 3-5 category are Aniya Dixon, grade 5; Jared M. Quezada, grade 5, Evan Goodwin, grade 5; Evelyn Hughes, grade 5; Jeremiah Nitrall Davis, grade 3; Kayla Doss, grade 3; Chayse Roberson, grade 3; Savannah Sisco, grade 3; Amirah Hendricks, grade 3; Bailee Cook, grade 3; and Justin Daniel Pope, grade 3. The childrens’ teachers are: Kim Herbert, Laura Farver, and Jennifer Sanders.

Attorney Charles Hamilton Houston
Attorney Charles Hamilton Houston

The Attorney Charles Hamilton Houston Essay Contest is named in honor of attorney and Dean of Howard University Law School, and the NAACP’s first special counsel. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Attorney Houston played a pivotal role in dismantling Jim Crow laws, especially attacking segregation in schools and racial housing covenants. He earned the title, “The Man Who Killed Jim Crow.” This essay contest is designed for grades 9-12.

The topic for the high school students was “Why Democracy Must Remain In Ukraine.” Students were asked to describe why free elections and the maintenance of a democratic government is crucial to Ukraine’s existence.

This year’s recipient of the Attorney Charles Hamilton Houston Essay Contest is Jade Washington, a 9th grade student at West Side Leadership Academy in Gary, Indiana. Jade’s teachers are Charlotte R. Emery, Paul Day and Terri Ransom. The student will receive a grand prize and a Certificate of Achievement from the Katie Hall Educational Foundation. Ms. Emery will receive a Certificate of Excellence.

The Foundation will forward all of the students’ essay submissions to the “U.S. Representative Katie Hall Collection” at the Indiana State Historical Society, Indianapolis, Indiana for permanent archiving and display.

CEO and Chairman, Junifer Hall, Katie Hall Educational Foundation, Inc. hopes the participation of the students, parents, and teachers will help to educate the participants about treating our fellow man, neighbor, and all humanity with equality, love, and respect beginning at a formative and young age.

To date, the Foundation has presented the students and teachers with over 1,200 Certificates throughout Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties in the State of Indiana.

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