‘Just Angela’ stars actress and entrepreneur Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons
ANGELA SIMMONS HAS a captive audience in her new ASPIRETV series, 'Just Angela.'

By Elaine Hegwood Bowen, M.S.J.

Late last month, ‘Just Angela’ debuted on AspireTV weekly on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET. ‘Just Angela’ provides fans of actress and entrepreneur Angela Simmons, daughter of rap pioneer Rev. Run, an intimate look at her day-to-day life as a #girlboss.

In the first episode, titled “10 Quirks People Don’t Know About Me,” Angela brought viewers into a version of her world that not many people have seen. As the hustling mommy entrepreneur, reality TV star and princess of the Simmons legacy, not many people get to see Angela’s quirky side. Angela counts down her top 10 quirks that people don’t know about her, from chewing pills because she can’t swallow them and a crazy obsession with herbs to at one point wanting to be a doctor.

On April 27, Episode 106 of ‘Just Angela’ was titled ‘How I Built a Body I Love,’ where Angela discussed her health and fitness journey, including her must do’s and must haves to build curves and a body she loves. From losing the baby weight to building mental stamina to eating right, Angela spills the beans on how she looks and feels her best even when she can’t hit the gym.

Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons

In addition, a recurring segment of the show will spotlight up and coming Black-owned businesses featured on the aspireMKTPLC (mktplc.aspire.tv). The aspireMKTPLC is an online directory of Black-owned businesses where consumers can buy Black and shop with purpose.

I have always enjoyed the Simmons’ family series, and this outlet for Angela seems just right, considering she has starred in other reality shows not associated with her famous father and mother. This is her own vehicle to share her life experiences and survival hacks with others.

Take a look at the trailer: Get To Know The Real Angela Simmons! – YouTube.

For more information, visit www.aspire.tvfacebook.com/AspireTV@TVaspire on Twitter and @TVaspire on Instagram.

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