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Jonathan Jackson gives update on parents

Jesse jackson Sr and wife
Jonathan Jackson, the national spokesperson for the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, is giving an update on his parents, Rev. Jesse and Jacqueline Jackson, both of whom are survivors of COVID-19.
While his mother is at home recovering from the virus and is asking everyone to get vaccinated, Jonathan Jackson said Rev. Jackson “has made tremendous improvements.”
Jonathan Jackson also talks about how inequality has cost the U.S. nearly $23 trillion since 1990 due to job opportunity differentials pointing to underutilized resources and barriers that result in lower prosperity for everyone.
PUSH heats up women’s movement for reproductive
When the Texas lawmakers passed the new abortion legislation banning abortion after six weeks before most women know they are pregnant, a women’s/civil rights movement began with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition (RPC) stepping out in defense of reproduction rights.
During the Saturday, September 18, 2021, Rainbow PUSH Coalition broadcast, Rev. Janette Wilson, senior advisor to Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., announces there will be nationwide marches scheduled for October 2nd just two days before the Supreme Court reconvenes for its new term.
Though the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5 to 4 vote, refused to block the Texas law and is scheduled to decide this fall if Roe v. Wade should be overruled, Rev. Wilson said women are fighting back. She explains how women nationwide are uniting and fighting for reproductive rights.
Rev. Dr. S. Todd Yeary, host of “Due Process” report
Rev. Dr. S. Todd Yeary, Esq., senior Vice President/chief administrative officer of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, host of RPC’s “Due Process,” talks about the Senate Democrats unveiling their latest proposal to protect voting rights.
Dr. Yeary reports that the bill, “The Freedom To Vote Act,” would enhance voting options, expand voter identification requirements and allow for same day voting registration on Election Day and increase access to mail-in ballots. The bill would also constrain partisan gerrymandering by requiring that the drawing of legislative districts meet certain criteria while allowing some options for how the districts might be drawn including reliance upon independent commissions to do so.
Dr. Years also reported on the return of the beachfront land in L.A. county stolen from them by whites in 1924. He also talk about the Oklahoma parole board recommending a commutation of Julius Jones’ death sentence.
Attorney Robert Patillo reports Rev. Jackson to be honored
Attorney Robert Patillo, who heads the Georgia Peach
Tree Project, reports that Rev. Jackson will be honored at the 22nd virtual annual Creating Opportunity Conference being held on Thursday, October 14th, and Friday, October 15th.
Rev. Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr. gives updates on social justice projects in Bay Area
Rev. Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr., the national sports director who heads the RPC Bay Area, gives an update on a myriad of social justice and tech projects for that area.
John W. Rogers, Jr. who heads Ariel Investments moderates financial panel
John W. Rogers, Jr., chairman, Co-CEO, chief investment officer and lead portfolio manager for Ariel Investments, moderates a virtual panel of money management.
“Our economy has become more of a professional services, financial services and technology-based economy. For us to be able to make a dent in the huge wealth gap with our country, we have to have more stronger, black-owned financial services companies that are creating real wealth, hiring people” and empowering the community.

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