James Wells announces intent to run for Indiana Democratic Party Vice Chair position


James Wells, Indiana Young Democrat (IYD) Vice President, announced his candidacy to run for Vice Chair of the Indiana Democratic Party (IDP) at this year’s Party Reorganization meeting.

“The Democratic Party in Indiana finds itself at an important time in its history,” said James Wells, “I come into this race knowing that while things look bleak now, I see this enthusiasm and energy in the state that’s ready to be organized and mobilized to campaign up and down the ballot for better policies that lead towards better government and better communities for all us in Indiana.”

Wells sets about to focus on three priorities if he is to be elected to the position of Vice Chair by the State Central Committee:

  • State our Party’s message and narrative for the future in clear terms
  • Support and tool up Local/County Party Infrastructure
  • Recruiting the next generation of diverse and inclusive Democratic Leadership

“While much of the direction of the state party will be steered by whomever the SCC elects to the position of Chair, I want to bring attention to a few areas that should help drive the conversation on what our focus should be after the party reorganizes in March,” stated Wells, “I see these three priorities of focus for the Vice Chair role as getting back to basics.”

Wells’ entry into the race for Vice Chair shines a spotlight on the role young people and the Indiana Young Democrats have played in the Democratic Party and how they can best play a role in the party going forward.

“As our state party seeks to rebuild, we should give full consideration to the perspectives and experiences that our emerging leaders have to share with the Party as a whole,” stated Senator Eddie Melton, Assistant Minority Floor Leader for the Indiana Senate.

Outside of serving as the Vice President of IYD, Wells also sits on the IDP State Central Committee, representing the young voices of the Democratic Party. Additionally, Wells holds a national role within the Young Democrats of America.

“Over the last few years we have seen Indiana Young Democrats step into leadership roles, run for office, manage campaigns and mobilize Hoosiers in ways that have not only helped flip key seats but have led the Democratic Party in a direction of inclusivity,” remarked Arielle Brandy, President of the Indiana Young Democrats. “We need more young people in Party leadership, utilizing the skills they have to help shape and demonstrate what it means to have bold, sustainable, and transparent leadership.”

Wells is a 2017 Ball State University graduate and currently serves under the Hogsett Administration as a Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocate in the City of Indianapolis.

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