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It’s Time…Your Financial Advisor Awaits

By Delta Jones-Walker, Gary Crusader

“I can’t afford it,” “I do pretty well managing my own finances,” “I will look into it when I’m older.” These are a few typical reasons that many use to avoid seeing a financial advisor. Seems ironic that we rely heavily on other professionals to maintain our hair, nails, clothing, legal matters, automobiles, and other “important” matters, but leave our finances to chance. Sometimes a tender nudge in the right direction is all we need. Here are six instances when you may need to speak with a financial advisor:

  1. When you get Married or Divorced – Either is a life-changing event, so bringing in an unbiased, third party can help minimize financial losses and open the lines of dialogue when it comes to combining or dividing assets and income while assessing debt.
  2. When you receive a large sum of cash – Won the lottery or did a relative leave you a hefty inheritance? Whether it’s a bonus, buyout or a significant raise, all represent a significant boon to your financial health. Unfortunately, many people tend to squander the opportunity for financial advice that these unexpected windfalls present.
  3. When taking care of aging parents – Growing old is inevitable, but planning for the welfare of aging parents is definitely a choice. The advice that financial advisors can provide can be innovative and sometimes unconventional. They can help you compile a comprehensive list of services that may need to be arranged for parents, and more important, offer solutions on how to pay for these services.
  4. When you are considering retirement – People rarely just wake up one day and say I’m retiring today. It’s a process that should be started sooner rather than later. A financial advisor can walk you thro-ugh the steps and keep you abreast of any changes and/or modifications that should be made over time.
  5. When you are preparing to pass on your wealth – At some point, you and your money must part. It’s never fun to talk about your demise, but it is important that a plan is in place on your wealth will live on well after you. This is where estate planning comes in. A financial advisor can assist with finding ways to minimize estate taxes, plan for final expenses and review beneficiary details on accounts.
  6. When your net worth is a quarter million or more – In the above cases, you may only need a visit or two with a financial advisor. However, should your wealth grow in upwards of six figures, you may want to develop an ongoing relationship with a financial advisor who can review your assets and investments as an objective and unbiased third party.

One last thing. You don’t have to go with the first financial advisor you meet. Just like you have your favorite stylist, dentist, mechanic, etc., your financial advisor must be someone you trust and always has your best interest at heart.

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