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Italian Foundation hosts Diva, Dames and Darlings Concert

The Italian American Human Relations Foundation (IAHRF) is making a difference in Chicago communities and bridging the gap of cultural differences and communication by providing unique opportunities for people of all ages, cultures and communities to come together through the arts.

The IAHRF founder and President Louis H. Rago, welcomed Chicago residents and those from surrounding area communities to the Divas, Dames & Darlings Special Summer Concert on July 15, 2018 at Triton College Auditorium in River Grove, IL.

The IAHRF was founded for the purpose of improving the civic, social and educational welfare of Italian Americans as well as members of all ethnic groups.

The Diva, Dames & Darlings concert was a stunning, diverse showcase of talented soloist songstresses including legendary icons; Joan Collaso, Josie Falbo, Yvonne Gage, Carol LoVerde, Donna Rice and Bobbi Wislyn.

Trending solo starlets Trinity Allison, Courtney Driver, Gabrielle Rago and Mia Rago also performed. The 400 seat auditorium, almost a sold out full house, was the ideal venue, offering an intimate backdrop for the sultry and sassy Divas, Dames, and Darlings show.

“The concert is the result of the hard work of many people who are committed to the IAHRF mission of cultural inclusion through the Arts. I believe music is a great mediator that everyone enjoys at some capacity regardless of ethnicity. Divas, Dames and Darlings is a stunning music medley that is designed to be enjoyable for the entire family,” said Rago.

Vocalist Joan Collaso enjoyed “…making beautiful music with these amazing, talented ladies!” She noted that their performances were presented from a special place in each of one’s heart that was purposeful and meaningful, and that each songstress wanted the audience to receive that special gift of music that pierces them with joy and is buried in their soul for years to come.

Collaso, an Emmy award winner, was born and raised in Chicago. Her distinctive sound blends the textures of jazz, blues, and R&B. She has performed in the Netherlands four times and in 2016 took her one-woman show “A Tribute to Nancy Wilson and Shirley Horn” to Las Vegas.

The Italian American Human Relations Foundation believes that the arts are a natural forum for the transmission and display of cultural visions, and a vehicle for opening people up to new ideas and feelings.

To promote the arts the Italian-American Human Relations Foundation of Chicago is dedicated to establishing a cultural and performing arts center that would be unique to Chicago, embracing all of its ethnic diversity. The City of Chicago is a perfect place to embrace a multi -cultural center that would enable visitors to enjoy and understand different cultural ideas and styles.

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