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Little Larry can’t win for losing. Some fools shot up two police officers, killing one, and once again setting the stage for the National Guard to raid the ‘hood. What’s so sad is de white folks snitched on the mayor and said the father of one of the officers damn near cursed her out when she showed up at the University of Chicago Hospital to pay her respects. That should come as no surprise.

Lightfoot was charged twice by two mayors (Daley and the Tiny Dancer) to investigate police screw-ups, once as the head of OPS and then as president of the bogus Police Board. Then after she became leader of the city, she tried to make herself over as an activist-mayor and tried to mimic the slogans of the white-controlled Black Lives Matter group, whose members got paid. Her mixed messages tick- ed off the FOP, whose leader she called a “clown” on a hot mic during a City Council Meeting, and she threw their rotund leader Eddie “I Just Had One Drink” Johnson under the bus after he fell asleep at the wheel—-literally and figuratively. Then she ran and got the top cop out of Texas and that made the rest of the white shirts ticked off. Then, somebody claims she gave a “stand down” order to the Po-LEECE during the George Floyd riots, causing cops to stand around idly and watch as angry give a F.

So it looks like they took great delight in how the father of the slain officer ALLEGEDLY went off on her when she paid a visit to the hospital on the night of the killing. The Cloudy Times says even the regular ole police turned their backs on the mayor when she showed up on the scene. They then claimed a snitch told them that the daddy went off on the mayor, who stood there and took it on the chin like a champ.

Now one former cop who likes to talk stuff claims in an apples and oranges convo that all of that is proof that “Lightfoot won’t seek re-election. She done lost the city,” he said, laughing. “Nobody respects her. It’s sad. Police are the soldiers—and they got wives who are teachers—and they don’t like her either!”

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