In this nation, children’s body parts are sacrificed for witchcraft

Children play in the town of Nakasongola on February 22, 2017. Children here continue to live in constant fear of being kidnapped and sacrificed. (Photo: Tonny Onyulo)

By Tonny Onyulo, Special for USA TODAY

It’s been a year since Cynthia Misanya found the dismembered body of her 10-year-old daughter, Jane, in a pit under an outhouse. The girl had gone to fetch water in a nearby swamp when she was abducted, strangled and dismembered. Body parts were recovered miles away.

“I was shocked when I saw the mutilated body of my daughter,” Misanya, 30, wept as she recalled the horror. “I really couldn’t believe if she was really my daughter. She was missing almost every part of her body. She died a very painful death.”

Police later arrested a wealthy neighbor, businessman Gilbert Odima, who authorities alleged used Jane as a human sacrifice in a witchcraft ritual designed to bring him good fortune. “He confessed to me that he carried out the ritual to boost his dwindling business,” Misanya recounted about Odima, who is now in prison awaiting trial. “He said he knew the act would bring him good luck and success in life.” 



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