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Illinois Security Guard Arrested After Punching A Man In Handcuffs


A video of cops in Harvey, Illinois arresting a security guard for a violent incident involving a man in handcuffs has gone viral.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, officers detained a security guard who “sucker punched” a man in handcuffs.

The security guard, who has been identified as 60-year-old security guard Robert Undraitis, had allegedly been struck in the face near a PACE terminal by 30-year-old Jeremiah Nesbitt, leading to Undraitis chasing him down.

After catching Nesbitt and putting him in handcuffs, Undraitis punched him. In the video, which has over two million views, Undraitis is immediately restrained by police.

See below:

December 23, Harvey Police Chief Robert Collins identified the security guard as someone who worked for a security company on contract with the PACE suburban bus system.

Collins said in a statement, ““We wanted to change the narrative. No excessive force… This was a uniformed person and that officer took action immediately,” describing the officer who arrested the security guard.

He also added, “I am very pleased that he took action.”

Undraitis has been charged with battery and illegal possession of a gun, due to a 9mm handgun being confiscated from him because he didn’t have a valid state firearm owner’s identification card. Nesbitt has also been charged with battery. Both men were released on bail.

This article originally appeared on BET.

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