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Illinois House elects first female chief doorkeeper in state history

The Illinois House of Representatives elected Nicole Hill to become the chamber’s first female chief doorkeeper in the state’s history. Hill, a Springfield resident, was selected from a pool of more than 80 applicants and comes to the House with an impressive resume. Prior to this role, Hill led security efforts at Springfield Public Schools for more than a decade, she’s currently a certified nursing assistant, and holds an associate degree in criminal justice.

“I’m honored to have been selected as the new doorkeeper for the Illinois House,” said Hill. “As someone who was responsible for keeping children safe in schools for 12 years, I understand the importance of maintaining security and I do not take this responsibility lightly. I look forward to getting to know members and staff and welcoming their friends and loved ones into the House chamber.”

As doorkeeper, Hill will oversee the enforcement of House Rules and decorum, ensure order in the chamber, work with the Secretary of State Police and other law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of members and guests, and more. In addition to her background in security, Ms. Hill is also certified in CPR/AED and Stop the Bleed FIRST AID, and she began her work as a CNA back in 2006.

“One year ago, I had a medical emergency on the House floor. Quick intervention made a serious situation more treatable. So, I’m very grateful to know Ms. Hill has the nursing training that could potentially save a life,” said state Rep. Barbara Hernandez. “We count on our doorkeepers to keep us safe, and Ms. Hill is extremely qualified to step into this role.” 

This is the first new doorkeeper elected in more than two decades, after Lee Crawford retired from the position at the conclusion of the 2022 legislative session. After being elected by the chamber last Thursday, Hill began her official duties this week.

“As the leader of this chamber, safety of all members, staff, and guests is my top priority,” said House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch. “I frequently bring my young children and loved ones to the Capitol and many of our members do as well. This isn’t just a ‘job’ to Ms. Hill; protecting and caring for people truly is her calling. After a very thorough application and interview process, I can say with certainty she is the perfect fit to be our House doorkeeper.”

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