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Illinois closes rides like ‘The Fire Ball’ at county fairs after Ohio State Fair deadly accident


Illinois shut down certain rides at county fairs and carnivals in light of a deadly accident at this year’s Ohio State Fair.

One person was killed and seven others were injured after a ride called “Fire Ball” malfunctioned on opening day of the Ohio State Fair. The ride broke while in operation Wednesday and sent people flying into the air. Records show that Fire Ball ride had passed a safety inspection earlier the same day.

The Illinois Department of Labor suspended all operation of Fire Ball rides and other like it in the state until further notice.

A ride called “Freak Out” is featured at the DuPage County Fair in west suburban Wheaton. It’s a smaller version of Fire Ball and is made by the same manufacturer.

IDOL’s Amusement Ride and Attraction Safety Division conducts nearly 4,000 ride inspections at stationary park, traveling carnivals and fairs in Illinois each year. Inspectors from that division notified operators of the suspension Thursday. Three Fire Ball rides, eight Freak Out rides and one “Extreme” ride will cease operation in Illinois until inspectors say they are safe.


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