‘I Used To Love Her’

Groundbreaking Web Series To Screen In Chicago Sept. 29


By Elaine Hegwood Bowen, Chicago Crusader

1555 Film Works, Inc. and Mark Harris Films will hold a public screening of the new groundbreaking web series based on the Award Winning film “I Used To Love Her” on September 29, 2016 at Studio Movie Grill, 210 W. 87th Street in Chicago.

“I Used To Love Her” web series will capture the essence of a husband and wife team who boot strapped an independent recording and distribution company for socially conscious artists. When a major record label makes them an offer they can’t refuse, they find themselves in a fight that may be too big for them to handle. Each episode of the “I Used To Love Her” web series will tackle socially impactful issues that plague pop culture today.

The original film has screened in over nine film festivals, including the Urban World Film Festival and the Cannes African Film Festival. It was also screened at the historical Morehouse College.

The talented cast list includes: Mel Roberson, Tiffany Addison, Simeon Henderson, Tiffany J Curtis, Jose Santiago Jr, Sheree Bynum, Porsha Ferguson, Deverin Deonte, Kris Ellis, Thea Camara, Mile Stroter, Corey Hendrix, Ruby Gonzalez and Walt Sloan.

The film and web series are written and produced by 1555 Film Works, owned by Mark Harris. Mark was born and raised in the Englewood community on the South Side of Chicago. Theater goers, BET, Centric, NetFlix and DVD film lovers around the world have enjoyed Mark Harris films including his most recent productions, “Stock Option,” “My First Love,” and “Black Coffee.” His latest film, “36 Hour Layover,” will hit theaters later this year.

“I am especially honored to support the creativity of this talented team and to watch them tackle social issues that most of pop culture avoids,” said Wendy Muhammad, Executive Producer, The Authentic You, LLC.

Screening Tickets are available at www.iusetolovehermovie.com. 
“I Used To Love Her” the movie is available on DVD at Walmart and on amazon.com.


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