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I.U. Dons. Inc. and Donnettes kick-off Penny-A-Thon

The I.U. Dons, Inc. and Donnettes, a non-profit organization of alumni and undergraduates of Indiana University, launched their annual Penny-A-Ton for the needy drive last Saturday.

The Penny-A-Ton is one of the main highlights of the Dons “Operation Help,” a two-month program geared toward one of the Dons’ strongest aims, that of helping those in need.

Vernon Smith, general chairman of the drive, said the idea is to raise a ton of pennies which is 300,000 or the equivalent of $3,000. The funds will be used to provide financial assistance for needy families. Smith stated that the Dons are interested in getting the entire community involved. Therefore, the small amount of a penny is being requested, so that everyone, young and old who want to give is able to do so. Contributions are not limited to pennies, however, and those who are able to give more are urged to do so.

Smith further stated that many citizens are concerned about others and want to help, but they feel ineffective working alone. It is through organizations like the Dons that citizens can pool their help for those in need. The drive will culminate on January 1, 2022, or as soon as the goal of $3,000 is reached. The theme is “A Penny Helps.”

On Friday, December 10 the Dons and Donnettes will have a radio-a-thon on the radio to highlight the drive. “Adult volunteers are needed,” said Dr. Vernon G. Smith, Dons’ president. Anyone interested in volunteering a couple hours may contact him by mail at P.O. Box 64622, Gary, IN 46401 or by phone at 219-887-2046. 

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