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I think and speak, therefore I violate

By Prince Sar Amiel

In a March 6, 2018 column by John Kass in the Chicago Tribune titled, “Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism and the silence of the left” is embedded a greater, more sinister affirmation on the apparent killing of free speech. What’s going on?

Hidden in the continuation of the saga of the antagonist-protagonist relationship of everything in our world, is the post-free speech death knell.

It seems that Kass has shed light on a deeper problem. Under the cloak of the issue of anti-Semitism and Farrakhan’s relationship to it, John tries to create a firestorm.

Black America, liberal whites and others, whose silence has always spoken about anti-Semitism on whatever side of the coin, are constantly faced with, “I’m saying that to say this.” Help, what are you saying, really John?

John has made clear for us the judges, juries and executioners of our alleged “thought crimes.” For those of us who may not be media and politically savvy, something smells. Are these crimes on the books? It’s quite possible, ‘cause who really knows what goes on behind the closed doors of Congress and the Senate.

We know the slothfulness of some elected officials who conveniently or premeditatedly don’t show up to vote on critical bills. Suddenly, we get brought up on charges, on something we did not even know existed. Well, there’s that reality.

Now there are “thought crimes and their vehicles,” writing, thinking, tweeting, texting and saying the wrong things, which have created a new crime wave. I guess we are going to need appropriations to prosecute and convict hundreds of millions of violators.

We don’t want to be publicly shamed in the media, shunned as homophobic, racist or ultranationalists, John. We don’t want to be mocked or lose our jobs. Hey, can someone help us stop thinking we don’t want to go to jail?

John, my question is who determines what’s wrong or right? In this case sorry, my bad, you did say it is shame, the left’s whip, that keeps America in check. And John, would you think it would be safe for us to think the media is in cahoots with that left or not? Am I saying something wrong? Help, who moved my cheese?

And the award goes to the judge, the jury and the executioner from the left, and partners. Great, now what is the left, because some of us alleged criminals need to know who’s holding court on our thoughts, writings, tweets, emails, texts, utterances and oh, did I say thoughts? Hence, thought police.

The fundamental differences between the left wing and right wing ideologies centers around the rights of individuals versus the power of the government.

Left wing beliefs are liberal in that they believe society is best served with an expanded role for the government. People on the right believe that the best outcome for a society is achieved when individuals’ rights and civil liberties are paramount and the role, especially the power of the government, is minimized.

Left, in this view “consists of full-sized or 100 percent government rights – violating ideologies and systems [extreme force], hence thought crimes, and the right, rights of individuals versus the power of government.

The far right consists of zero government or anarchy, and the middle is the same as the left with lesser degrees of force. So, there you have it.

We appreciate and applaud you, John Kass. You have done the American public a great service. You sir, have magnified the fine print. We can see what you are saying and not saying.

America, wake up, there is something even more sinister than the picture Kass is painting of Farrakhan, Danny Davis and anybody else he [the far right or the far left] attacks or doesn’t agree with. His article is about the erosion of life, as we knew it. I don’t know if John meant for us to get what we got, but we got it.

You, America have been the unwitting subjects of a coup; your constitution has been compromised. Your first amendment is in prison for life without parole, your eyes are wide shut. Open them up and see the toxic waste.

Make America great again, good luck with that. Farrakhan’s a smoke screen. You use this same tactic all the time when the need arises.

As a matter of fact, most of the news is smoke and mirrors. “What’s really going on?” Thanks, Marvin Gaye. Is it Freedom of Speech?

Prince Sar Amiel is an African Hebrew Israelite and CEO of Positive Music Works. He is also an affiliate of the original Soul Vegetarian Restaurant and author of a new book titled, “WAR DESTINY AND FREEDOM– THE HEBREW ISRAELITE VICTORY.” He can be reached by email at: [email protected].

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