‘I Cannot Breathe’: Video Shows White Cop ‘Killing’ Unarmed Black Man Pleading For His Life Before Dying

Screenshot of Facebook live incident capturing a Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, with his knee on the neck of George Floyd who is yelling he "can't breathe."

By Bruce C.T. White, NewsOne

Police in Minnesota were being accused of killing an unarmed Black man after a viral video showed an officer pinning down a suspect as he repeated that he couldn’t breathe. The Minneapolis Poice Department was quick to announce that no weapons were involved in the man’s death it downplayed as a “medical incident,” but the video prompted speculation on social media of a brutality-induced “killing.”


A public information officer with the Minneapolis Poice Department used vague and general terms during a press conference. He said that officers responded to a call accusing the suspect of committing “forgery” and that he “appeared to be under the influence.”


However, when it came to implicating the suspect, only described as a male “believed to be in his 40s,” the terms used by the public information got pretty specific quickly.

He said the suspect “physically resisted officers” and that once he was handcuffed, the officers “realized that the suspect was suffering a medical distress.” He was taken to the hospital, where he died a short time later, the public information officer said.

“At no time were any weapons of any type used by anyone involved in this incident,” he emphasized.

Either that public information officer wasn’t fully briefed or he conveniently left out the part where one of the responding officers used his knee to pin and hold down the suspect by his neck, prompting the suspect to repeat, “I cannot breathe.” The video showed the officer applying pressure to the suspect’s neck while cavalierly putting his hands in his own pockets. That prompted one person to tweet in part that they “literally just watched that video of the Minneapolis Police killing that man today.”


It was unclear if the suspect died at the scene with the officer’s knee on his neck or if he really died later at the hospital as police said happened. The episode was recorded by one of many bystanders who openly derided the police as using cruel and inhumane tactics to restrain someone who appeared not to be resisting at all.


Watch the video below. It is very graphic and explicit language is used and heard.


It was eerily reminiscent of the police-involved death of Eric Garner, whose similar last words in 2014 were, “I can’t breathe.”


The public information officer added that the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) will be conducting an independent investigation and all body cameras were on and activated during the incident. He then suggested the department wouldn’t have much more to say because it is now “the BCA’s investigation.”


Minneapolis Star Tribune crime reporter tweeted early Tuesday morning that the FBI has joined in on the investigation.

The Minneapolis Police Department’s full press release about the incident can be viewed by clicking here.

Social media users quickly accused the Minnesota Police Department of killing the suspect, who had not been identified as of early Tuesday morning. Some said the suspect was suffocated. Others described it as being choked. One tweet posted screenshots of the badge of another officer who stood by and allowed his partner to use those tactics on the suspect, demanding both officers be identified.

This article originally appeared on NewsOne.

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  1. This officer needs to be identified, the public wants to know who this murderer is, he literally MURDERED a man in public!!!! We want to see JUSTICE!!!!!

  2. Did you see the eyes of the cop that did the killing? They were as blank and soulless as zombie, without a single shred of emotion or humanity. I don’t know if psychopaths are drawn to the police or if the corrupt nature of law enforcement drives normal people crazy with blood lust.

  3. This was a murder! And the killer loves it..he then walked off like he was a big man, after he murdered a man.
    Every police office on the scene should be fired and put in jail.

  4. this is fucked up….. can’t believe that cop kneeling on a guy who isnt resisting and in clear discomfort……. bully tactics. that man could have been stood against the car not on the ground. he wasn’t a threat but that cop continues to kneel on him even after he goes limp. to me you can see the cop hasn’t a care in the world listening to no one and believing because he is a cop he can do and get away with what he wants. to that cop “look we’re this horrible deed has got you ? hope your happy with your arrogant selfish behaviour. the other cop no better stood there even though the public are stating the man is going to end up hurt or worse. it’s disgusting. hope that cop gets what he deserves. that poor man absolutely devastating to watch ☹️ because they are allegedly the law they beleive they are above it. most disturbing upsetting thing i seen in a long time. makes me sick. this needs justice.

  5. Am I the only one that heard the brute yelling at the man to get into the car while he kept his neck pressed to the ground and couldn’t possibly, it’s the old resisting arrest game they play. He made this demand numerous times and obviously totally unaware he was doing anything wrong in doing what appears to be SOP for police.

  6. Regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, etc., a murderer should be executed, not jailed, not fined, not fired, but executed. This is the only proven way to stop murderers from committing future murders. 🙁

  7. On this case communities has to stand up and stop the cops when this is happening. Save a live should not matter if cop says you are disrupting justice…specially u can tell is a racist cop. Stand up at the moment not later.


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