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Cynthia R. Keel – Young, Black Woman Crusader

“I” Before “U”

By Cynthia R. Keel

Now that we’ve established the sequence of the alphabet, let’s establish the sequence of our lifestyles.

Ladies, we are awesome, amazing, powerful beings.

God looked at all He had created and spoke that man shouldn’t be alone. I can imagine that He said, “I’ll create the awesomeness of Me to give the companionship and support this man will need in his life.” What a daunting task — one that comes with great responsibility and powerful outcomes when done right.

So how can it be done right? Remember that “I” comes before “U” in more ways than one. This is not a selfish outlook — it is not one that ignores the ones we love and care for, or work for. It says that I realize that I am best to you when I am best to me.

It is difficult. It is one of the great challenges.

However, in our amazingness, we are able to find the balance when we speak with and spend time with our Father God, who provides the guidance and direction on when we should, and who we should. His love for me shows me how I should love and value me.

Our Father God took a day off to reflect and recharge after the work of the Creation and advised that we do the same.

“I” before “U” only means that I’ll be better for those I serve and work with, those I empower and embrace, those I love and adore, when I’m able to rest my body, clear my mind, detox my senses, and refresh my spirit.

I’ll have the best of me to give and I’m showing the best example of love — because love begins with “I” before “U.”

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