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Who will save the world? This is not a rhetorical question. The truth of the matter is that barring religious strategies, it will be left up to the people occupying this planet to determine what will happen on it. If we think about it, the United States has been involved in warfare in various places around the world since early in the last century. The most recent triumph, we thought, was the end of the Cold War with Russia. Since that time, however, things have heated up again. This time, a number of other nations, some of which are historic enemies of the United States, have acquired nuclear power and are capable of destroying the world.

When looking at the world from this standpoint, it becomes apparent that regular everyday people, no matter what race, are in an environment that has allies, neutrals, and threats. In other words, the various and disparate forces that demand our attention on a daily basis can be divided into these categories. The job of the powers-that-be who want to control the world, therefore, has been that of keeping people divided while they carry out various and nefarious plots. One of the tools used to keep us divided is the notion of problem, reaction, solution. In other words, those in positions of power can dream up problems and then come in and propose solutions. Gun control is one of these issues. It is patently clear that those who control the U.S., for example, could solve this problem by passing common sense laws that would keep guns out of the hands of the crazies. Why are they reluctant to do this? Could it be that the solution they want is martial law in order to better control the population?

Check out the following plausible scenario of what may be happening today. During World War II the U.S. and Allies went to war against fascist powers. We appeared to win World War II, whereas in reality, we won a BATTLE! The War is ongoing today. After the end of World War II the United States brought the German (Nazi) infrastructure to the United States in what was called “Operation Paper Clip.” It was largely due to Werner von Braun and other Nazis that the U.S. was able to conquer space. Something else also happened; many of the remaining Nazis went underground and survived in places like South America.

Fast forward to Trump’s America. It is probable that what we are experiencing is a resurgence of the fascist regressive elements that were temporarily defeated in 1945. The tentacles of this facet of regressive humanity have maintained ties with each other and are joining forces around the planet in an attempt to turn our world into a prison planet of economically challenged wage slaves. In order to do this, the have-nots must be turned against each other; they must be forced into a position of scrambling for scarce resources and of demonizing each other. This is what is happening at the U.S. southern border. The immigrants, basically Black and Brown, have been turned into “enemies” of America. This is not limited to the U.S.; immigrants around the world are under attack and are on the move as non-democratic corporations exploit and control planetary resources while spreading pollution.

The Black community is in a particular fix – we are faced with internal and external threats. Racism and bigotry keep our communities fighting on a microcosmic level while the macrocosm is being threatened by the aforementioned fascist forces. There is hope, however. During the upcoming elections, Black people must forge coalitions with others in order to fight the bigger threat facing the planet as we watch creeping fascism turning into a gallop.

The truth of the matter is that BLACK PEOPLE HOLD THE BALANCE OF POWER: THE WORLD WILL GO IN THE DIRECTION THAT WE TAKE IF WE UNIFY WITH OUR ALLIES! Make no mistake – there IS power in the vote in America. We must fight a tendency toward division and vote for the individuals who can make a difference. We must not allow the propaganda that ONLY certain individuals can win: winners will be determined by THE PEOPLE WHO VOTE!!! Most importantly, we must recognize the war for the planet that is being waged by fascist minions who are using the tools of racism and bigotry to divide and conquer us. Pay attention. A Luta Continua.

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