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Hillary gets boost from Chicago’s Black community

Presidential candidate accepts endorsement, invitation to speak at the 50th Annual Rainbow PUSH Convention

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be the keynote speaker, Monday, June 27, 2016, for the International Women’s Luncheon at the 50th Annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition convention at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago.

The theme of the luncheon is “Lifting As We Climb” and “that is exactly what Hillary has done her entire career,” said Jacqueline Jackson, chair of the luncheon and wife of Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., founder and president of Rainbow PUSH.

“From serving the poor in the Delta of Arkansas to the Children’s Defense where she did free legal work to fighting easy access to guns to the U.S. Senate to Secretary of State to now running for the highest office in the United States, Hillary continues to lift as she climbs,” Mrs. Jackson said. “She’s a history maker. We are honored to have her as our keynote speaker and look forward to her address.”

Hundreds of women from across the city, country and world are expected to attend the luncheon, which will honor another history making woman – actress and civil rights activist, Cicely Tyson. Ms. Tyson will be presented with the Rev. and Mrs. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., Legend Award for her dedication to excellence. It is the first award in the couple’s name and will be given annually. Other awards will be presented.

The announcement came after Jesse L. Jackson Sr. endorsed Hillary for president last Saturday at memorial for slain children on the Far South Side.

Last March, Jackson took Clinton to the memorial where she met with several grieving mothers. Clinton reportedly said, “It is profoundly wrong, to see how many children’s lives are ended by senseless gun violence.”

At the time, there were 501 names on the memorial.

“We just added 100 more names,” said Diane Latiker, the neighborhood activist who built and maintains the memorial. She joined Jackson at the news conference on Saturday. “I don’t know an exact figure. It keeps growing.”

Last month, 66 people were killed in Chicago.

Among the reasons why Jackson has endorsed Clinton are:

  • She supports getting big money and dark money out of politics and overturning Citizens United.
  • Clinton supports policies of inclusion and greater democracy in our politics.
  • She supports reigning in Wall Street, big business and big insurance companies disproportionate influence on our politics and government.
  • Clinton is against individuals and businesses sheltering their money in foreign tax shelters and believes the rich and big business should pay their fair share of taxes.
  • She supports universal health care and health care as a right.
  • Clinton supports making college education affordable for all Americans who have the ability and the desire to go to college.
  • She is committed to reinvesting in urban and rural America.



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