Hillary Clinton to rally with Sandra Bland’s mother in Chicago

Hillary Clinton is bringing her campaign to Chicago Wednesday.

By Eric Horng and Laura Thoren, abc7chicago.com

Hillary Clinton is bringing her campaign to Chicago Wednesday. She’s in town to rally support among minority voters and raise money.

Sandra Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, is expected to join Clinton at a rally in the city’s Bronzeville neighborhood on Wednesday. Bland’s death in a Texas jail cell after a controversial traffic stop has raised questions about racial inequality in the criminal justice system.

This is the second time Clinton will visit the Parkway Ballroom in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood since she announced she was running for president. During her last visit, Clinton met with childcare workers to talk about rising childcare costs.

After the rally, Clinton will attend private fundraisers in the area.

Clinton as is neck and neck with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. His crew is opening their Illinois headquarters on Wednesday.


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