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Herschel Walker’s Son Whines About High Gas Prices While Wearing A $1,200 Designer Hoodie

Wearing a $1,200 Givenchy hoodie, Herschel Walker’s son Christian tried to go after the president for the high price of gas. And yet, local news outlets are running stories that gas prices are going down in the Peach State. A trend that is expected to continue.

It seems like the Walker family is more focused on viral shenanigans and empty rhetoric instead of substance. Pro tip: if you’re going to try to make a relatable pitch about why your dad and his party need to govern, maybe don’t wear a hoodie the price of some people’s rent.

And while Walker could be a Trump favorite, that doesn’t mean Georgia Republicans plan to send him to the Senate. It definitely doesn’t mean he’s heading to the Senate next year.

In some ways focusing on Walker and his family is a bit presumptuous, considering he still has a hotly contested primary to overcome before facing Sen. Raphael Warnock in the general election.  A quick glance at Ballotpedia shows seven candidates in the Republican primary, including the current Commissioner of Agriculture, Gary Black.

Meanwhile, Warnock remains focused on making good on his promises to all Georgians.

“Build Back Better is about us doing the hard work, standing up for the hardworking families of America,” Warnock said in remarks Monday. “I’m so very proud as one of the newest members of the Senate to be a part of this hard work. It really is what matters, and a lot of the provisions that have already been lifted up are really about giving ordinary families a chance.”

Warnock pointed to the historic investments in families, notably the expanded child tax credit. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “the number of children experiencing poverty by more than 40 percent as compared to child poverty levels in the absence of the expansion.”

Changes made as a result of the American Rescue Plan extended the full child tax credit to millions of Black and Latino children and children in rural communities. Passage of the Build Back Better Act is necessary to extend the benefit to families beyond this year.

Reflecting on conversations with families who received the tax credit, Warnock shared that the additional funds help families not only breathe a little easier but take care of basic necessities like buying food.

Warnock’s Senate staff also released a list of projects across the state for which the senator helped secure funding. The list was updated as of Oct. 19.  Projects include support for a Senior Care Center in St. Marys, Ga., in the southeastern part of the state, expanding a cooperative development program at Fort Valley State University located in middle Georgia, funding for Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services to support foster and trauma care programs.

Warnock has tried to balance his time outside of the Capitol, showing support for Georgia at large instead of being Atlanta-centric.

This article originally appeared on NewsOne

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