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Rosebud settles discrimination suit for $1.9M


Rosebud Restaurants, Inc. will pay $1.9 million and furnish other relief to settle a class race discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC), the federal agency announced recently.

According to the EEOC’s lawsuit, 13 Italian restaurants operated by Rosebud in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs refused to hire Blacks because of their race. The EEOC also charged that managers, including Rosebud owner Alex Dana, used racial slurs to refer to Blacks.  At the time EEOC began investigating Rosebud’s hiring practices, many of its restaurants had no African-American employees at all. The EEOC also asserted that Rosebud violated federal regulations by failing to maintain employment applications for one year and by failing to file employer information reports providing employment data by job category, race, ethnicity, and gender.

Race discrimination in hiring violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The EEOC filed the suit against Rosebud on Sept. 17, 2013 (case number 13-cv-6656) in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago after first attempting to reach a pre-litigation settlement through its concili­ation process. The suit resulted from a charge of discrimination filed by former EEOC Commissioner Constance Baker.

The consent decree settling the suit, approved by Magistrate Judge Mary Rowland, calls for Rosebud to pay $1.9 million to African-American applicants who were denied jobs.  Additionally, Rosebud has agreed to hiring goals for qualified Black applicants, with the aim that 11% of Rose- bud’s future workforce be African-American.  In addition, the decree enjoins Rosebud from engaging in race discrimination or retaliation in the future. It also requires Rosebud to recruit African-American applicants, train employees and managers about race discrimination and retaliation, provide periodic reports to EEOC on compliance with the decree’s terms for four years, and post notices informing employees of the decree’s terms.

The restaurants covered by the suit include The Rosebud; Carmine’s; Rosebud on Rush; Rosebud Prime; Mama’s Boy; Rosebud Steakhouse; Rosebud Deerfield; Rosebud in Naperville; and the closed restaurants Rosebud Old World Italian; Rosebud Theatre District; Rosebud of Highland Park; Rosebud Burger & Comfort Foods; Rosebud Trattoria; Joe Fish; EATT; Bar Umbriago; and Centro.

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  1. Now imagine this happening within every industry for decades upon decades(Finance [they’d rather hire Madoff], Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, and Entrepreneurial)….this along with a multitude of other factors (charged more for loans, can’t rent apartments, etc…) are what contribute to significant lack of income and economic position for our race.

    • I don’t understand why people are surprised. It’s always happening, but not where the business publicly admitted to it’s hiring practices. And, the restaurant made it an issue of race by their admittance. Things like this are not new, however, trumpie with the ugly rhetoric he’s spewed and continues to spew, only emboldened racist comments and actions to come out of the closet without impunity. Who wants to work for someone like this? It’s like buying a home in an all white neighborhood. It’s not about wanting to live with you – you’re not that great – rather, it’s the house, schools, neighborhood, etc., that has the appeal, not YOU. So it is with the job. You have jobs, I need one and you’re hiring. Pure and simple. Period.

  2. It’s a private business thus they keep the family that they want. Why does everything have to be about race?! This is America and such you can start your own businesses and hire who you want. And if you think that blacks, Hispanics, middle Easterners aren’t racist as well then you are just as delusional as Bruce Jenner calling himself a woman. Or Rachel Dolezal calling herself black. Um no it is what it is…

    • Because it is about race! They admitted they don’t hire black people! So explain how this isn’t about race? No white person can understand because they don’t have to go through these kind of things! The only white people that understand are those that are not racist, have mixed children or family and those that see the bs and knows its wrong. I wish something like this would happen to a white person so they can feel how bad it hurts to be judged because the color of their skin!

      • I have mixed family members so I guess I’m more understanding of the B&W Picture being Caucasian. However, I’ve experienced reverse bigotry any number if times…YES, it does happen although incidents like that are not televised, no marches organized, no Equality Speakers are anywhere in sight. I’ve often wondered why but I’m not a person to ‘stir the pot’ and bring racial issues more to light and create more tension with the reverse bigotry angle. What’s the point? You don’t change how people think or feel by displaying their emotions. Time has helped immensely over the years to bring races and ethnic groups closer together but there’s much work needed to make people ‘comfortable’ with each other. I don’t have the answer but needed to present the point that it’s not a one-sided fence… ALL of us have to become colorblind.

  3. I wouldn’t eat at any of these restaurants if they pay me. I have to believe if there’s a God, these hateful, despicable people will all land in the appropriate place.

  4. Blacks used to have their own quality locations on the southside of the city but abandoned them after the 1964 Federal Public Accommodations Act passed. Apparently, the grass looked greener on the other side of the fence. However, with no continued support those businesses, restaurants, bars, hotels etc had to close and now with nothing you find the attitude after 55 years has really not changed dramatically at all.

    • Thank you. Your’s is the only comment that recognizes the real problem. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a variety of ethnic cuisines. But too many black people seek acceptance through integration. And for that reason abandon black restaurants and other businesses in their communities and support businesses in ethnic communities they don’t live in.

  5. Seriously? Do these assholes own any restaurants in New Jersey or in the Philly area? I’d like to know because, settlement or no settlement, I don’t patronize businesses with morally repellent owners.

  6. For all those claiming that Rosebud “admitted” fault, I see no evidence of that. The article stated that a suit was filed against them after an investigation and that they refused to reach a pre-litigation settlement. In what world does that equal an admittance of guilt? Seems like those who are commenting on comprehension need to go back to school and learn what that word really means.

  7. For those who think Black people haven’t tried to build schools, banks, and have jobs to take care of their own. Your retarded. If your that ignorant then please tell me why whites felt the need to do the “Tulsa Massacre”..? I’ll Wait…

  8. But you see mexicans working in black establishments white establishments aunthentic chinese and asian resturants Eric. Don’t believe me I’ll give you plenty of locatioms around the Chicago land area. So your point??


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