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Healing words when it all feels like bad luck

By Denise M. Brown

A few years ago, Cindy dropped into a mid-morning chat I hosted for family caregivers. She worked full-time while caring for her husband and raising their daughter with special needs.

During this chat, Cindy shared truly bad luck news; her car’s engine light went off while driving to work. She made it to work but needed to have her car towed. The additional expense and inconvenience of a car that doesn’t work left her feeling like bad luck surrounded her.

Bad luck seems to find us, leaving us with a bad taste about life. The unfairness of bad luck can tempt you into a perpetual state of bitterness. You’ve soured on life.

When you hit that bad luck streak, you deserve something sweet.

Some ideas for you:

Take an emotional break, ask the Universe or God for what you need. Say, “I feel alone in this bad luck. I would love some good company to remind me that I have good.” Then, receive good company.

Let go of trying to make sense of the bad luck. It doesn’t make sense and it’s not fair. That’s the truth.

Let it out with tears, screams, whatever will release the impact of that bad luck. Feel it and then let it out.

Let in love and support that supports you. You deserve someone who understands how horrible the bad luck is.

Remain curious by wondering, “How will this work out?” We tend to write the ending before the story completely unfolds.

Pick up pennies. Heaven leaves you pennies to remind you that angels surround you. When you doubt, remember that you have help that you cannot see.

Embrace your perspective, even a perspective of “one moment at a time.”

Give thanks even if you can only thank someone who holds open a door for you.

Accept the opportunity to help another. When you reach out your hand, you realize others have bad luck, too. When it no longer feels personal, you move out of self-pity and into empowerment. In helping another, you empower yourself to keep going.

Believe in the magic of our universe. Bad luck feels like a curse. Where there’s a curse, there’s a blessing. Our universe includes both and, in my experience, the magic of the blessings always wins.

I believe you are the magic in our universe. You have gifts that make our world better. Your gifts will make your world better, too.

Excerpts from Healing Words: “Soothing Strategies for your Caregiving Fatigues,” a new book by Denise M. Brown, founder of The Caregiving Years Training Academy and recent guest panelist of America’s Heroes Group Military Families Matters Roundtable.

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