Harvard Law student kicked off American Airlines Flight Retains Attorney Ben Crump

Attorney Benjamin L. Crump

Briana Williams, a third-year Harvard Law student who was kicked off an American Airlines flight after requesting her baby’s stroller, has retained national civil rights attorney Benjamin L. Crump of Ben Crump Law, PLLC.

In August, Ms. Williams and her young baby were kicked off their American Airlines flight after she asked if airline personnel could bring her the infant’s stroller when passengers were asked to get off the plane following a five-hour delay. For the safety of her baby, Ms. Williams wanted the stroller so she didn’t have to balance a newborn and multiple carry-on bags. A discriminatory pilot labeled her a “threat.”

Williams’ statement:

“I have retained Attorney Ben Crump to send a message that I will defend myself against a company whose ideals appear to be rooted in a racial hierarchy that puts black customers at the bottom of the list. The pattern of racism and discrimination shown by American Airlines must be stopped. A stroller is not a threat.”


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