No doubt, the majority of people, if not ALL, would value a yardstick that could help them make the correct decisions in life. We are constantly faced with choices, and the direction that our lives take is dependent upon our ability to make choices that will enhance the quality of life for ourselves and for those within our sphere of influence. Along with our own experiences, there are external forces that muddy the proverbial waters. There are people, unfortunately, who, because of selfish motives, seek to deceive us, and for this reason, it is important to know when the truth is being spoken or when someone is just trying to manipulate us.

The ability to discern truth is especially important in the world of politics, where decisions that are made when we enter voting booths can translate into voting someone into office who does not have our best interests at heart. As we approach the 2016 presidential election, it is important to know that the person that wins will have a significant influence over our lives, whether we like it or not. There are a lot of people who understand that the office of President of the United States is one that is beholden to its backers, and unfortunately, because of this, they make the mistake of saying that non-participation is the best way to go. This is folly; we vote if we go to polling places, but we also vote when we stay at home letting others make decisions for us.

Now, for the issue at hand. When it comes to politics, the truth can be as slippery as a greased eel. A good politician is a manipulator; he or she is invested in giving the public what they want to hear. Moreover, some of them rely on people not thinking for themselves. This provides them with the opportunity to tell people what to think. An example of swallowing the absurdity pill is the recent claim by some public figures that the Black Lives Matter movement is a terrorist initiative. People who are inclined to be non-thinking buy this line of thought not remembering that the movement started as a reaction to the killing of unarmed Black men by the police! How soon they forget, or better still, how prone to manipulation they are. The best way for thought manipulation (i.e., mind control) to be effective is for it to address a personal prejudice; if we are inclined toward bigotry, it will be easy for us to be manipulated by slick talking others. If we strive to be open-minded, however, it might be more difficult for manipulation to occur because of the tendency to try and see both sides of a situation.

With that said, the ultimate guide for discernment is this: Ask yourself if the influence, initiative or person seeks to break people apart or bring them together? This is the battle that has been glamorized as the battle between “good” and “evil.” We have but to look around us at nature for examples of the truth of this notion. Unity, or the bringing together of persons, places or things and ideas is symbolic of what is called “love.” Anything that divides, especially if it relates to people, can be considered “evil” as in divorce. In actuality, life is a little more complex than that simple notion, because, for example, digesting our food, breaking it down so that it can be assimilated by our bodies, is a good form of division, whereas separating people from others who would do them harm would also be seen as good.

Politics, on the other hand, is a more base animal, and it is easy to see a person’s true colors by whether or not the policies they propose seek to bring people together or by whether they rely very heavily upon divisive rhetoric. Anyone whose main strategy is dividing people has made a pact with the “dark side” and should not be trusted. Those who espouse inclusiveness, on the other hand, deserve our support. A prime example of a politician who sought to divide people was the late German dictator Adolph Hitler; he vilified the Jews and turned a whole nation against them.

Though it is true that some politicians are deceivers, we can see their truth by WHAT THEY DO AND BY HOW IT IMPACTS US AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. Warmongers are not working for the good of all. In this regard, actions do, indeed, speak louder than words! Throw your support behind policies that represent the greatest good, and this does not mean “making America great again.” A luta continua.




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