Grand jurors in Breonna Taylor case file petition to impeach AG Daniel Cameron

Kentucky's Attorney General Daniel Cameron

By WLKY Digital Team

Another petition for impeachment has been filed against a prominent Kentucky politician — this time, it’s for Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

The petition was filed by three grand jurors in the Breonna Taylor case, the ones who spoke out about the case and how it was handled in the courtroom, along with other “concerned citizens,” as stated by the jurors’ counsel, Kenneth Glogower.

Those jurors have chosen to remain anonymous then and now.

Cameron’s office presented the case in September, which resulted in just one indictment for former Louisville Metro Police Officer Brett Hankison on three wanton endangerment charges. He was one of three who police said fired shots that night in March.

His office has faced criticism about how a grand jury came to that conclusion. He said the jury agreed Sgt. John Mattingly and former Det. Myles Cosgrove, the other shooters, were justified in their actions.

Grand jury proceedings are typically kept secret, but a judge reversed precedent, allowing them to talk. The anonymous jurors said Cameron lied about the options grand jurors were given and about the choices they made.

Now, those jurors are are seeking to impeach the AG on these charges: Breach of public trust and failure to comply with duties for misrepresenting to the nation the findings of the grand jury and abuse of office and breach of duties of professional responsibility and ethics.

They also list incitement of insurrection, saying he “financed, and/or permitted radical robocalls that flood the United States Capitol with rioters on Jan. 6.”

Cameron serves as an executive committee member of the Republican Attorneys General Association, which has been accused of being involved in a mass call that encouraged Trump supporters to storm the Capitol. Click here to read the news release.

Attorneys for the Taylor family called the impeachment petition extremely courageous and an “admirable action taken by those grand jurors. Here’s the full statement from attorney Ben Crump and his co-counsels:

The move to petition the impeachment of Attorney General Daniel Cameron is an extremely courageous and admirable action taken by these grand jurors in the Breonna Taylor case. They should be applauded for taking a valiant stand for justice and transparency within our institutions, along with reclaiming their voices that AG Cameron attempted to stifle during the grand jury proceedings.

AG Cameron placed an impossible burden on these citizens when he skewed the circumstances of Bre’s death and failed to present the possibility of homicide charges. Citizens being able to fully trust those holding public office has never been more important and we hope at the very least, this sends the message that no one has the right to take the law into their own hands and manipulate our processes for their own devious purposes.

We encourage the House committee to seriously review this petition and hold AG Cameron accountable for his role in misleading the public and the grand jurors, and denying justice for Breonna Taylor and her family.”

WLKY has reached out to Cameron’s office for comment.

A new impeachment committee was recently formed after another petition was filed against Gov. Andy Beshear.

The petition for Beshear was submitted by four Kentuckians upset with his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under Kentucky law, anyone can submit a petition for the impeachment of an elected official and the House of Representatives must “refer the petition to a committee.”

This article originally appeared on WLKY.

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