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Get It Done Energy

By Fanny Minnitt, Best selling Author and Veteran

Surely you are thinking what does this mean, “get it done energy.” Before I go into details, let me explain how the title entered my spirit.

A friend was visiting our home; during her stay we didn’t make plans to go anywhere. My goal was to make sure that she was comfortable as our guest. This wasn’t the norm for me, but you see, I was mentally and physically tired. Of course, I didn’t share this matter with her. She is a ball of energy and speaks “get it done” throughout her conversations.

We sat at the dinner table eating and talking and I disclosed to her that I had an e-book that needed to be completed; she shared with me that she taught people how to compose e-books. Before the evening was over, she had dropped what I had written into an e-book format.

Moving forward, I asked her how I could send out a mass email to prospective conference attendees, and rather than explaining it to me, she told me to pull up my email. At this time, I had to go check on something and when I returned to the computer to finish our conversation she had already typed up an invitation and had emailed it to me. She sat there smiling and quietly said, “Ms. Fanny all you have to do is blind copy each person, you are ready to go.”

Well, I wasn’t ready to go, I just wanted her to give me the information for later. She didn’t move out of the chair next to me, just asked me to show her the list of folks I had to email. She copied the list and then instructed me I could start emailing.

My friend didn’t move until I had finished emailing each person, and until everything I needed to complete the e-book was finished. I looked at her and said, “you are my Get It Done Energy!” We laughed but it was real for me. I would have talked about getting these things done, but most likely it would have been delayed due to my lack of energy.

As I thought about our encounter I decided to look up articles on human energy. Without energy we really cannot function, and if the mind and body are not functioning, eventually physical diseases and mental illness will take over.

So, you see getting things done relies heavily on your mental and physical state of being.  Get It Done Energy isn’t a scientific term, but it is something to think about.

I read an article in Popular Science which talks about Harvesting Energy from Humans. The article got me thinking, scientists are figuring out a way to harness human energy in order to get things done.

Movement produces kinetic energy, which can be converted into power. Get moving and get it done, whatever it is, get it done, NOW!

Fanny Minnitt is a bestselling author, award winning radio personality, veteran, retired educator, chaplain and an empowerment speaker.

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