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Geraldo Rivera Frets About ‘Black on Black Crime’: There’s a ‘Ghetto Civil War Going On’

“The biggest problem is the shattered families,” Rivera exclaimed at one point. “Where is Joe Biden on Black on Black crime?”

Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera took issue with the Black Lives Matter movement and Democratic leaders on Monday night, grousing that they aren’t concerned enough with “Black on Black crime” and claiming there is a “ghetto civil war going on.”

With protests still raging over George Floyd’s death and police brutality, Fox News host Sean Hannity devoted the top of his Monday night show to sounding the alarm over the “lawlessness” supposedly running rampant in liberal-run cities.

After bringing up the recent violence in the Seattle “CHOP” zone and the city looking to phase out the autonomous zone over the coming days, Hannity insisted that violence is running “out of control” in Democratic-led areas before turning to Rivera, who called on activists to refocus their attention.

“I’d like to start a new social movement called ‘Black Toddlers’ Lives Matter,’” he exclaimed before discussing recent shooting deaths in Chicago. “Black toddlers’ lives also matter, and it’s time that the people who have been selling the other Black Lives Matter got on board and save their own children.”

Later in the segment, after Fox News correspondent Kevin Corke reported on protesters and police officers clashing outside the White House, Rivera and Hannity picked up the topic again and went even further with it.

“The rot, the decay, the lack of safety and security, the destruction that has been our educational system, that’s the legacy of all these big liberal cities in these liberal states,” Hannity grumbled. “That’s just a fact, Geraldo. It is irrefutable at this point.”

Saying he wants law endorsement to go “all out” to stop the “anarchists and the antifas of the world,” Rivera claimed that the protesters’ “summer of love” is over now before turning to Black leaders and Democrats.

“The biggest problem is the shattered families,” Rivera continued. “Black on Black crime. You never talk about… Where are our great leaders? Where is Joe Biden on Black on Black crime?”

Calling it the “mortal threat” facing Black teenagers, the veteran talk show host said “Black on Black crime” was the “stuff of a real social movement” and that he wanted protesters to focus their energy on it and not just police brutality and racial justice.

“It’s a ghetto civil war going on and because of political correctness, we don’t talk about it because people are afraid that they’ll be considered not woke,” he said. “That we won’t be on the side of the new moral majority. I think it’s absurd that we are turning our back. That’s the real killer of minorities.”

Rivera then went on to criticize other media outlets for “being silent” on this issue while simultaneously applauding Fox News for regularly reporting on the violence in the inner cities.

This article originally appeared in The Daily Beast.

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