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Georgia cop resigns after dragging 65-year-old grandmother from car during profanity-laced traffic stop


A Georgia police officer resigned over dash cam video that appears to show him cursing at a 65-year-old grandmother and dragging her out of her SUV, wsbtv reports.

Officer James Legg resigned from the department on Friday (May. 11), but not before being suspended and becoming the subject of an internal investigation over the May 4 incident.

In the video, Legg shouts at 65-year-old Rose Campbell who was pulled over for failing to maintain her lane while making a turn.

“Hey, you’re not in charge. Shut the f–k up and get out of the car, Officer Legg shouted at Campbell. He then proceeds to forcefully pull her out of the vehicle, causing her to scream. At one point Campbell says she expects to have a heart attack.

Alpharetta Public Safety Chief John Robinson condemned Legg’s conduct in a Facebook video message Thursday.

“As I was watching the video, I had some major concerns about what I was seeing. There are aspects of this video that you’re likely about to watch that simply do not represent who we are as an organization,” he said.

“Upon reviewing the video I immediately ordered that an internal affairs investigation be opened on the incident and once a detailed investigation is completed I can assure you there will be a decisive and appropriate outcome following that investigation.”


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