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George Floyd Civil unrest can be eased & talks started…If resolution is acted on now!

HOWABOUTTHAT.BIZ Blog and Martin’s International Foundation, whose objectives include, bringing nations together through music and culture, and the promotion of reggae and world music, is in support of the family and attorney of George Floyd, and the millions in America calling for stiffer charges and the arrest of all four officers involved with the public square murder of Mr. Floyd last Monday in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

While the charges brought by Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman against the killing Officer Derek Chauvin is a disappointing start in the right direction, it is nowhere near to satisfying the public for the execution viewed by billions of people worldwide.

In fact, Attorney Mike Freeman should freely recuse himself from the case knowing he does not have the guts to do what is right for the people.

As a result, we have proposed the following resolution for the powers that be to incorporate or to act upon swiftly,

Whereas, the Hennepin County prosecuting Attorney Mike Freeman in the brutal killings of George Floyd has given the public reasons to not have confidence in the prosecution of the killers of George Floyd, and

Whereas, the gruesome public execution of this African American man witnessed by billions of people worldwide took 4 days for an arrest to be made and only ofter public outcry and civil unrest, and

Whereas, the 3rd-degree murder charge filed by this Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman was an insult to the pursuit of Justice for Mr. Floyd’s family and Justice for Blacks in America,

Now we the people in Support of the family of the now, National Hero Mr. George Floyd and Attorney Ben Crump demand the immediate removal of the prosecuting County Attorney Mike Freeman, to replace him with a special prosecutor with both Criminal and Civil rights knowledge.

We further demand that the charges against Officer Chauvin be upgraded to 1st-degree murder and that the other 3 officers be immediately arrested and charged with murder.

We are all in this together.


Ephraim Martin  President

Martin’s International Foundation and Editor of HOWABOUTTHAT BLOG Www.howaboutthat.biza,, Facebook @howaboutthat,  Email: [email protected]

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