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GCSC officially kicks off Enrollment Campaign

Strong, Resilient & Built for Education!

On Friday, June 19, which was also Juneteenth, the Gary Community School Corporation officially launched its 2020 Enrollment campaign.

“Undoubtedly, COVID-19 changed the entire landscape of education almost overnight! School districts everywhere were forced to close their physical doors and re-open as virtual educational institutions,” said Emergency Manager Dr. Paige McNulty. “The team at the Gary Community School Corporation rose to the occasion with the unwavering support of parents, students and our entire school community, and we are still standing.”

In celebration of the resilience displayed by all involved, school officials selected Juneteenth to officially launch its Enrollment Campaign themed – “Strong, Resilient & Built for Education!”

2coloryardsignfinal“This theme captures the very fiber of who we are as a school district, and we want the world to know,” added McNulty.

Throughout September the campaign will highlight the attributes of the Gary Schools why parents should ideally consider enrolling their children.

“We’ll share more about our academic goals, building improvements, career education paths, a Chromebook and internet access for students K-12 and most important, opportunities for community stakeholders to join us and give feedback/suggestions as we prepare for the most memorable school year yet,” said McNulty.

In addition, using billboards, yard signs, advertising and social media, the District has added a new strategy — a team of enrollment ambassadors. The team of ambassadors are either current or past students in the Gary schools who will share their experiences and memories on social media. They will also attend community events to share more information about the programs and amenities that the District provides every child.

“What better way to paint a clearer picture of the District than from students who actually attend/attended our schools?” said Chelsea Whittington, PR Consultant for GCSC. “The ambassadors are not only social media savvy but excited about sharing their memories and experiences of receiving an education in the Gary schools. I am excited to provide them with a platform to be heard.”

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