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Gary’s Illegal Dumping Campaign in effect July 7

Gary residents are reminded that the City’s Illegal Dumping Campaign is in effect. A major component of the campaign is “Dumpster Day” which will be held in all districts of the city. Dumpster Day is an opportunity for residents to clean up around their property and to get rid of unwanted household items legally, in the city.

The city planned its first “Dumpster Day” campaign in partnership with Republic Services, which will place dumpsters on the parking lot of Melton Elementary School, 4581 Fillmore Street on Friday, July 7, 2017 at 7:00 a.m. The dumpsters will remain in place through Monday, July 10. Dumpsters will be removed at 7:00 a.m. on Monday morning. Dumping on city streets is illegal. Residents are urged to utilize “Dumpster Day” in their neighborhoods and not dump on city streets.

The City’s Illegal Dumping Campaign, “All Eyes On You” is a 90-day pilot program designed to bring awareness to the effects of illegal dumping on city streets, and a reminder that dumping and littering on city streets is against the law. It is also an effort to clean up dumpsites and to encourage residents to report illegal dumping. Those dumping illegally can be arrested and have their vehicle towed. Offenders can also face a $2,500 fine and receive community service hours.

Residents can report illegal dumpsites to City Hall at 219-881-1311. To report illegal dumping in progress, residents should call 219-660-0000.

Gary residents not able to take advantage of “Dumpster Day” may continue to utilize the city’s designated dumpsites once weekly with proper identification.

Dumpsites are D&R Site Services located at 7015 W. 5th Avenue, and Republic Services located at 15th & Clay Street.

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