Gary Schools preparing for opening in one week

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By Patrick Forrest

The Gary Community School Corporation alongside the Gary Teachers Union have decided to return to in-person instruction on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 according to an announcement by Gary Community School Corporation manager Dr. Paige McNulty.

It is expected that following the  presidents’ day holiday that 46 percent of the student body will be returning to in-person learning, according to data gathered by surveys leading to the announcement.

“We appreciate all the work that our staff have been doing working in collaboration with the union and the community to get the students back in sync with the school,” McNulty said. “We’re excited to see the students back  and are ready to move in a good direction.”

McNulty did address difficulties the district, like many across the nation, have faced with virtual learning and the plans that schools will implement to adjust for any lost time.

“It’s been much more difficult to teach students virtually,” McNulty said. “I do think our staff and parents and students have done a fantastic job of navigating that virtual world, but nothing replaces a student being in class and with their teachers.

“The health and safety of students and staff will continue to be at the forefront of all decisions made. The school district will continue to monitor the data in the area and adjust, as necessary. This return to in-person learning date is only for families that chose in-person learning on the district survey last month. All other students will remain virtual at this time. Any family uncertain of the method that was chosen for your child or have further questions, contact your child’s school prior to February 16th.

“District leaders, GTU, building principals, and other necessary departments are going to be working collaboratively, and around the clock to ensure that PPE and COVID-19 mitigation measures are in place for the return of staff and students. Follow Gary Schools on social media and check the website for updates and changes.”

Updated: An earlier version of this story stated that Gary Schools will open in 2 weeks.

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