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Gary For Life Homicide Watch up and running!

The Gary For Life (GFL) Homicide Watch website is up and running! The GFL website is a place of remembrance for those who have lost their lives through violent crime in the city. Gary For Life Homicide Watch will serve as a library of stories and articles that will emphasize and highlight the lives of victims of violent crime.

As the GFL Homicide Watch website will be an interactive site, family members, friends and others are encouraged to go to to share photos, stories and tributes in memory of fallen friends and loved ones.

The website will document arrests and monitor court cases and will feature an interactive map of the locations and dates of homicides.

GFL Homicide Watch is committed to fostering the view that a homicide in Gary is more than a statistical number. “We will continue to fight the notion that violent crime is an acceptable by-product of urban living,” stated Joy Holliday, Gary For Life Coordinator.

Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson agreed, “Living with violent crime in our communities is not acceptable. We must recognize community violence as a public health issue and we must address it as such. This is why our Gary For Life initiative is so important.”

Gary For Life is a partnered law enforcement and outreach initiative through the National Network of Safe Cities to provide at-risk individuals and potential offenders an opportunity to be productive citizens.

For additional information about Gary For Life Homicide Watch or about the Gary For Life initiative, please contact the GFL Coordinator, Joy Holliday via [email protected] or by calling 219-881-7497.

The Gary For Life Homicide Watch website is funded through a grant from the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) program.

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